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Hi everyone! I'm RatcheT2498, I'm a 20yo student from Slovakia studying computer science. I really enjoy programming as a whole, but I've been in love with retro computing for about as long as I remember knowing how to use a computer :D My favorite areas are low level - instruction sets (currently learning Motorola 68k, but I've dabbled in Mos 6502 and Zilog Z80 as well), hardware configurations, operating systems, but also compilers and programming languages. I also really like older games, though I don't play them as much as I used to. I found this forum from a YouTube video about the Vista extended kernel, and I joined because it inspired me to take on installing Windows Vista on one of my laptops. :)

I've got a main desktop and a main laptop, on both of which I dualboot a flavor of Linux and Windows 10 (Linux Mint Cinnamon on desktop, testing out Fedora on laptop). Other than that I have a few older laptops (a Toshiba Satellite C660 variant, sadly not currently working as it has no working battery and I lost the power adapter, and an ASUS X553MA which is currently my object of interest), plus a small collections of consoles and 8bit computers :) I've been a Sony fan for most of my life, hence the username, but I like some of Nintendo's games as well.

I think it's really cool that older operating systems are still getting the love that they deserve, even if using them can be difficult in the modern age.

(Also I realized later that I'd completely ignored forum etiquette and jumped into posting immediately after signing up - even if nobody noticed, sorry about that! Been a while since I last used a forum :wacko:)

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