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  1. (Posted something very similar to this topic on the Ivy Bridge Vista drivers topic a bit ago - applogies if this counts as spam, thought it was more proper to make a separate topic for it) I'm having problems installing Windows Vista on an Asus X553MA laptop. It's a laptop that doesn't suppprt Vista, being a Windows 10 laptop when I got it, so I'm not really surprised about having issues. The OS is actually working alright by itself, no real crashes so far. I've had success with Snappy Driver Installer, which installed e. g. the synaptics touchpad, bus and chipset drivers, etc, but I'm having problems with the graphics, bluetooth and wifi drivers. SDI does find the BT and wifi drivers, but it always fails to install them. Not sure why. I'm mainly focusing on the graphics drivers for now, though. It's got an Intel Pentium N3540 BayTrail CPU with integrated graphics only. As far as I'm able to tell, it's effectively an Intel Atom z37xx core with Ivy Bridge GT2 graphics attached to it. (some sources I've found said the core is a Silvermont architecture, though. Still a bit confused about all the different architectures lol). I've been sadly unable to find any drivers that could support Vista - the earliest ones I've found support Windows 7 as a minimum, and I've looked through a lot of sources. (On a side note, good lord, finding Intel legacy drivers is difficult. What the hell Intel, how does softpedia have a better archive than you) For program compatibility I've installed around 200+ updates and win32's KernelEx. To get the driver to even install I transplanted the setup program from the drivers in the Ivy Bridge Vista forum post and modified the installer inf file. I've checked the driver sys file and all the dll files I could find with Dependency Walker and fixed what incompatibilities I could find using the ntoskrn8.sys extender method. I then followed the modified NVidia graphics driver steps, that is rebuilding the checksum with CFF Explorer, installing the driver with testsigning on, and then signing it with the driver signing program before rebooting. No matter what I do however, I get error 0x39. No BSOD or bugcheck or anything, just a plain "driver corrupted or failed to load". I've started comparing the kernel drivers with Ghidra and I've noticed the Vista Ivy Bridge DRIVER_INITIALIZATION_DATA has a GDI version of 0x2007 while the Win7 drivers have a version of 0x40xx (I don't rrememberexactly, will update later) - could this be the main culprit? I have tried replacing the value with the Vista one using a hex editor, but nothing changed (I didn't nop out the redundant function definitions though - hoped it would just ignore them). Other than that there didn't seem to be any hardcoded version checks or anything of the sort from what I've been able to RE. The installer also complains at the end of the install that the drivers are unsigned, but it still seems to install, unless it corrupts some registry entries or something. I am thinking that I'm going to have to uninstall Vista and install Windows 7 alongside the graphics driver to check which files it even uses, since the driver installer includes a metric ton of them for different processors and configurations, but I'm keeping that as a plan D because I really don't want to repeat the update installation process again lol. Might be nice to have a lean installer for testing purposes, though... Would anyone be able to advise me what to do, or what could be going wrong? I have no way of debugging anything, since local kernel debugging doesn't seem to be a thing, the laptop has no external serial or firewire ports, I have no USB2.0 debugging dongle and the ported XHCI drivers I tried didn't work (not to mention I don't even know if any of my other computers have debug-enabled USB ports). The iGPU device ID is 0xF31. Wasn't sure where to put this info so just tacked it on here hah). Many thanks
  2. Thank you Haven't had a lot of time recently but reading through this forum has been kind of addicting so far haha, lots of interesting things to learn
  3. Hi everyone! I'm RatcheT2498, I'm a 20yo student from Slovakia studying computer science. I really enjoy programming as a whole, but I've been in love with retro computing for about as long as I remember knowing how to use a computer My favorite areas are low level - instruction sets (currently learning Motorola 68k, but I've dabbled in Mos 6502 and Zilog Z80 as well), hardware configurations, operating systems, but also compilers and programming languages. I also really like older games, though I don't play them as much as I used to. I found this forum from a YouTube video about the Vista extended kernel, and I joined because it inspired me to take on installing Windows Vista on one of my laptops. I've got a main desktop and a main laptop, on both of which I dualboot a flavor of Linux and Windows 10 (Linux Mint Cinnamon on desktop, testing out Fedora on laptop). Other than that I have a few older laptops (a Toshiba Satellite C660 variant, sadly not currently working as it has no working battery and I lost the power adapter, and an ASUS X553MA which is currently my object of interest), plus a small collections of consoles and 8bit computers I've been a Sony fan for most of my life, hence the username, but I like some of Nintendo's games as well. I think it's really cool that older operating systems are still getting the love that they deserve, even if using them can be difficult in the modern age. (Also I realized later that I'd completely ignored forum etiquette and jumped into posting immediately after signing up - even if nobody noticed, sorry about that! Been a while since I last used a forum )
  4. Hi, I'm new here. I'm currently trying to install Windows Vista SP2 Ultimate x64 on an Asus X553M notebook I've got lying around. It's not the oldest machine, and 100% not period appropriate (considering it came with Windows 10), but I was hoping I could make it work. According to a sticker on it, it has an Intel Pentium N3540 with 4 cores, clocked at 2.16GHz. The only information I could get about this thing is that it's a Bay Trail, which supposedly is just a lower end Ivy Bridge, and that the H4000 graphics driver should work on it. I did successfully install Vista, and I even managed to get some drivers thanks to Snappy Driver Installer, but the graphics driver has me stumped (alongside wifi and bluetooth, but that's less of a priority in my eyes, since ethernet works well enough). I tried using the provided installer and it nearly got to the end, but it came up with an error that said "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software." and quit. I would provide a log life, but I don't know where to get it (nor if the installer even created one). I tried masquerading the OS as Windows 7 SP 1 with osver.ini, but no dice. I also installed a version of the extended kernel from a pack by N3ptune, so I have .NET 3, 4 and a whole stack of updates. Would anyone know if continuing with this machine is a dead end, or if I can do something to make the driver work? I have a few other laptops I could take a look at, but I'd like to go as far as I can with this one. Thanks Edit: aAfter poking around in the driver's files, it seems my igpu just flat out isn't supported, even though every piece of info I could find online points to this processor family being Intel Atoms with integrated Ivy Bridge GT1 graphics :/ I've tried changing some of the Ivy Bridge device IDs to match mine, and at least it did install, but it always crashed and reverted to the standard VGA driver on startup. I found a driver which supports this thing, but it only support Windows 8 and upwards. I tried copying the install info that had to do with my gpu from the Win8 driver to this Win7/Vista driver, but since I haven't figured out how the files are mapped to the filesystem yet from the inf file, it failed to even install. Will edit this post again if I get any new information, but I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle lol

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