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Mypal stuck at waiting for google.com?

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2 hours ago, Gansangriff said:

What about other "googles"? google.de, google.fr, etc. Do these load?

Which version of Mypal are you using? Type "about:" in your browser, that should give us more informations.

I use Mypal 29.3.0

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Google.com comes up just fine in MyPal 29.3 for me, so I don't think it's a problem with MyPal itself. But just to be sure, try another browser or two (one of @roytam1's or one of the 360EE builds). If it does come up on other browsers, it could be something in how you have MyPal configured.

You could also go to about:profiles, create a new, "clean" profile, restart MyPal with the new profile as your default, and then see if google.com works.

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