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Minimal Power Management


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What does the profile Minimal Power Management added by NLite do exactly? Is it essential? I installed a Windows 2003 SP2 system where the power management has become broken. I did check MPM before setup because it did not cause issues with other XP systems. Currently I cannot edit the power profiles on that system. No matter if I create a new one, use an existing as a base, the monitor shuts off after a couple of minutes, which is not good for its health, the settings I choose are dropped. Apparently profiles cannot be imported from XP because they have a different length. But it is not serious issue enough to reinstall the system, which won't necessarily solve the problem. The issue could also be unrelated to NLite.

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I misremembered the name of the created preset. It is called "Limited Power Management". I believed it to affect the power of the processor when idle, but I doubt it. In PowerCfg, when I change the setting for "Turn off monitor," the setting becomes blank when I load PowerCfg again.

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