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Chromium v87 for Windows XP

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working Chromium v87 for windows xp (last official chrome is v49 for windows xp)

it was tested more or less and dont seem to include a spyware or weird connections


installer is in chinese


III (N) is for Next

II(B) for Browse (change folder)

II(I) for Install

(you only need those 3 for the installer)


download links:









you can set any language

options -> Settings -> Advanced -> Languages

then click on "Language"

then you should see "English (United States)

in "Add languages" you can find your language




v87 is newer then windows 7, 8.1, and windows 10

also it is newer then internet explorer 11 (IE11)

that means that version of chromium is not to think away, then rather windows 8.1 , IE 11,  (>WIN10 Redstone 5) would disapear

even if all of that happens there still would be solutions to make that version of chromium work


the market share is also speaking for chrome, chrome being the most used browser


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