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win9x: how work with drivers?


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it's windows 98 SE, but updated... by experience, i prefere the win98 SE original with AutoPatcher ;)
for now i'm trying getting the USB working for use the pen... because it's better than burning CD\DVD hehehehe

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1st uknow device: "PCI Mass Storage Controller"
vender: 104;  device: 8033
chip Device: PCIXX11/21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller"
i did several downloads without sucess: https://www.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=869508
can anyone explain why isn't installed? the "uminst.exe" isn't executed, i get error: "the difxapi.dll file is linked to missing export NTDLL.dll:VerSetConditionMask"
how can i get right drivers?
ok... some problems i get with sound and video drivers too :(
i can share the vendor and device, but lets try fix these driver 1st

more: i try it install manually, but the System didn't find the driver... so maybe isn't these the right driver :(

after install AutoPatcher and install the USB3e.exe, the pen works now(fat32)

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thanks to: https://mega.nz/file/PkJQxIqL#bpIRK007BusG1aFs2bo_Fc0vZANV2z9KVjDZAJpizhY
i get the "PCIXX11/21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller" driver.
the sound driver: vendor: 8086 device: 266D
intel corporation 82801fb (ICH6) AC'97 Modem controller

"note: AC'97 detection is unreliable"
can anyone advice me more about these driver?
i'm doing several things without sucess :(

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in real life 9x need just bit patches:
- ESDI506.PDR from BHDD or TBP, and/or AHCI.PDR if ur machine work in ahci mode;
- RLP;
- "-p i" switch for incompatble acpi bios;
- directX,. video and sound;
all other - garbage.

if u talk about this machine:
then machine look as fully compatible...

get AIDA64 https://www.aida64.com/downloads
run it under 98 (not XP!),
select Report/Wizard/Custom/uncheck All but Devices (other get bsod)/Plaintext,
save to file, compress with zip and upload here...
then i try find really needed drivers for u.


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"if u talk about this machine:"

"run it under 98 (not XP!)"
i choose 'winxp sp2' on compatible mode(kernelex32.dll).

heres the report.. please try find my unknow drivers.
thanks for all


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add the report
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14 hours ago, Joaquim said:

i choose 'winxp sp2' on compatible mode(kernelex32.dll).

:angry: why? i clearly say - run in 98 (NOT XP)!
aida work in 9x w/o kex!
ur actions with kex can give wrong data for aida!

ok, wait, i go find drivers...
think u need drivers only for these devices:

    Other devices:
      PCI Card                                          
      PCI Ethernet Controller                           
      PCI Network Controller                            


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And bluetooth too. Sound and video and infrared. Seems what is missing.

I know what you Said. But i didnt get choose. Because i get an error when i try install. ONLY on installation.

The computer have a memória card reader. What cards can read?

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