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Browser or XP Problem?


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I've got three ad free webmail accounts. Tutanota, Disroot, and ProtonMail.


Logging into Disroot with any XP compatible browser is good. No problem.
I see "ProtonMail loading," but the login screen never appears. Browsers
seem to be loading the Tutanota login screen, but I see nothing. It's completely

There were no login screen rendering problems when I created the ProtonMail
and Tutanota accounts, about two years ago.

My XP browsers. All are the most recent versions.


RT's Free Soft Browsers:

New Moon

All seven browsers are having the same problem with ProtonMail and Tutanota login.
Can it be fixed?

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The tutanota main page flashes briefly, but gets blanked as soon as all loading is done. I also get an error when using my proxy, so had to go with direct connection. I managed to quickly click the login link, it opens in a new tab and loads fine. Try going directly there - https://mail.tutanota.com/login

The server at tutanota.com seems to be having issues currently, the other server at mail.tutanota.com appears to be fine.


The other two mail providers load fine here.







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Well, I can't remember how many times I've tried spoofing (or switching) user agents to resolve
other problems. It never worked.

Tutanota and ProtonMail worked ok when I created the accounts. I was thinking that website
upgrades over the past two years were not compatible with an old system like XP. I just tried
mail.tutanota.com/login with Mypal. No change.

I've been tinkering with an obscure barebones browser called Nano. It's a bug filled mess,
but sometimes browsers that lack all the usual features and settings can be useful.

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