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Should Android 10 have been given a name like Android 9?


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Hello all, this is something that has been making my mind boggle.

As you fellow forum members certainly know, Android has been giving its versions codenames starting from Cupcake upto Pie. And as you may have noticed, Android 10 was not given the name of any confectionery item. 

My opinion on this is: Android 10 should have been given a name of Android Q- for Qubani-ka-Meetha (it's a popular Indian sweet made of apricots, wiki page will be linked here). How many of you fellow MSFN members share my opinion and agree with what I say? Please let me know your opinion about this.


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Indifferent when it comes to code names. I don't mind if it has them, but so far, version number tells me more than the codename...though for software updated very frequently, those lose meaning as well over time, at least for me, I don't have the mental capacity to keep up.

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