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Any software that performs like aero glass?


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Ok, little confused here, downloaded , unpacked and installed.

I can see how it works but what is confusing to me is how to make it keep the settings without having to turn on the aeroglass effect every time you open a window? Seems kind of pointless to me if that is what you have to do.

Ok, hier wenig verwirrt, heruntergeladen, entpackt und installiert.

Ich kann sehen, wie es funktioniert, aber was mich verwirrt, ist, wie ich die Einstellungen beibehalten kann, ohne den Aeroglas-Effekt jedes Mal einschalten zu müssen, wenn Sie ein Fenster öffnen. Scheint mir irgendwie sinnlos, wenn Sie das tun müssen

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1 hour ago, uk58 said:

Hallo nochmal die Frage für dieses Thema war ob eine Alternative zu aeroglass vorhanden ist

smart menü macht transparente Fenster ,aber das hat aeroglass nie gemacht aeroglass hat den aero Skin von Windows 7 und nur den von Windows 7 im Aussehen nachempfunden und  weiter ermöglicht.


das ist aeroglass und dein Programm hat damit nichts zu tun es ist nicht im Sinne des Erfinders , leider haben deine Screenshoots die ja nicht schlecht sind und aussehen mit aeroglass nichts zu tun, schön wenn dir das Programm gefällt aber für die Benutzer dieses forums ist es nicht das Richtige wer alles Transparent will kann deinem Tip folgen wenn das programm mal vollständig ist.


hello again the question for this topic was whether there is an alternative to aeroglass

smart menu makes transparent windows but aeroglass has never done that aeroglass has modeled the appearance of the aero skin of windows 7 and only of windows 7 and made it possible.



that is aeroglass and your program has nothing to do with it, it is not in the spirit of the inventor, unfortunately your screenshoots, which do not look bad, have nothing to do with aeroglass, nice if you like the program but it is not for the users of this forum the right thing whoever wants everything transparent can follow your tip when that program is complete.

To each his own, I have it installed and depending on how you use it, it does not make the entire window transparent, if you want Windows 7 transparency then install Windows 7 or install Starbloat's  Curtains.

I honestly do not believe that AeroGlass by Big Muscle is going to be updated anytime soon (if ever again) and honestly the answer is a no, there is no de-facto alternative to AeroGlass, you have Vistaglazz , Black Glass Enhanced etc. but all do the same thing SSM does to some extent.

I actually happen to like this , although until a version comes out that actually saves your chosen settings it is kind of pointless to use everyday.

I for one, will be keeping an eye on it.

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On 12/4/2020 at 5:51 PM, uk58 said:

As long as only the buttons are terrible, it doesn't matter, but there should be other things that can also look terrible :rolleyes:




I hope this doesn't look so bad to you  :hello: I replaced the buttons after the bitter criticism:buehehe::worship:


Ehhh the buttons are still not the correct size. They just look like Win7's buttons stretched out. Still some more work to do on them. I'm picky about the themes I use lol, thats why I post the criticism. Luckily I found a theme I like that didnt take any work to change anything. Just kept Win10's buttons but adds transparency. Easy. Curtains is amazing.

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SSM uses undocumented SetWindowCompositionAttribute API, the same thing Open-Shell uses for the taskbar on Windows 10, which is supposed to be equivalent to calling DwmSetWindowAttribute, but either way, it's used to set undocumented attribute on per-window basis to achieve the desired effect. Maybe it's the same builtin functionality used for Acrylic?

I just use Win7 theme alone if I can't run Aero Glass, the native way, so just SecureUxTheme to unlock loading of unsigned themes, 2/3 systems that I use can run AG though, the one that doesn't runs 32-bit Win10 1809, it's been a while since BigMuscle stopped producing 32-bit builds. I don't intend to update my systems also for reasons other than Aero Glass.

Either way, other software doesn't really do it like Aero Glass, some even do things that I don't really want/need, so as it is now, I don't have any interest in alternatives.

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