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grub4dos for UEFI


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Been away for long time. Lost all track of how things done. Reading theads makes it all nearly incomprehensible. 

I used to be able to boot dynamic wimboot vhds from ram witn grub4dos but now seems impossible. New compurter. Everything UEFI. Destroyed even the little I knew.

If anyone be so kind make like a bullet point sort of tutorial. Don't even know how to install this new grub4dos-efi on a disk.

Also, what happened to reboot.pro ?

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About reboot.pro, you need some patience, I just got a message from Nuno, he is migrating the board to a new machine since the old one had issues and *for some reasons* it was made inaccessible by the provider.

I believe it will take a few days, maybe a little more, as the migrating process (from remote) is not "easy-peasy".


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