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Disable Update options on StartIsBack's Power options

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Hi. This is just a suggestion, but I think many people would appreciate it really much.

Is it possible for you to have the option to when the default action is to update and restart the computer, keep the action we desire to be the default one? Like, right now Windows is forcing the default to be Update and Shut Down on StartIsBack (and the Power Menu with Alt+F4). When that's the case, StartIsBack could stop getting the options from wherever it gets them and put there custom options or something. Not sure this is possible or if I explained it right.

Because of Windows having been updated, now StartIsBack can't even change the default option. It sees no options if I go on settings. So I'm guessing it gets the options from some Windows call or something. If it receives no option (for example), then it would mean Windows is forcing some option --> forget getting the power options from there and put custom ones and let us keep our default action (in my case, Hibernate). If this is even possible...

Saying this because the 2 options on Group Policy Editor that do what I'm saying are not for Windows 10... At most Windows 7 (not even 8/8.1 is there).

And aside from that, my problem with this is that I usually just do (key presses here): Win->Left->Enter. I do that really fast, as I'm used to it. When I update Windows, I must not forget it was updated, or I'll shut down the computer and close everything I had open --> amazingly annoying and I kind of freak out some times because either it doesn't care stuff wasn't saved, or all the tabs I had open on Edge go away and I can't restore them anymore and gotta try to remember what I had open, which never happens at more than 75%... (can't restore for a reason but that would take some lines to explain). So I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this problem and this might be a good feature to include on this.

Best regards! If this could change the DisplayFusion taskbar to match the one from StartIsBack would be amazing haha. But anyways, thank you for the amazing Start Menu!

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That's how Windows 7 used to behave.

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