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Recaptchas broken on XP browsers


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I'm on XPXP3

Recently I found that I am unable to do Google "Recaptcha".

Don't  see the images.

I'm on the last version of Firefox that will install on XPSP3: 52.9

I see Firefox released version 81 on 22 Sept, so I guess Google decided to cut off 52.9, and thus screw everyone on XP.



Browser requirements for reCAPTCHA

We support the two most recent major versions of the following:

desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac)




IE / Edge


I see some topics here about "browser builds".  These jump into a forest of detail without any introduction or overall explanation, sorry if I missed there is.

Are any of these a patched/compatible Firefox that can pass for more recent versions that Recaptchas will work with? Is there a FAQ or how to do this?


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Thanks,  that was it.

I had looked at my Adblock and script blocker, but they were not active on the pages I had problems with; but somehow I had blocked Google.com so the captcha script was blocked.

But still interested in these "browser builds". Where to start on those?

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On 9/28/2020 at 2:30 PM, Asp said:

But still interested in these "browser builds". Where to start on those?

Oh, roytam1's thread? I'd suggest using @i430VX installer if you're new to this stuff, which should auto-fetch the latest product build for you and let you choose what fork you want.

In regards to reCAPTCHA, I'm literally beyond unsurprised. That horrific piece of junk loves to discriminate against people not using latest Google Chrome Stable on Windows 10, MacOS, Chrome OS or Android... if you get into a loop just use the audio captcha which actually works properly lol.

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