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Installation issue on a Lenovo Thinkstation S30 Workstation

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I have a problem to install windows xp on my machine 64 THINKSTATION LENOVO S30. Copying files is done well, the installation clear blue screen with the green progress bar at the bottom left that shows the progress of minutes is good, the problem is to reboot after this screen with the increase in minutes . Windows XP restarts, displays the logo and then a blue screen for a few seconds and restarts it as a loop. Would you know what makes it and how to solve it? Thank you in advance for your help !

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At this time, standard drivers are installed, so if possible, disconnect all devices, network card, sound, usb, additional controllers. And what is the code for the blue screen of death? Perhaps it indicates a problem driver.

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If the process plays out every time the same and the bugcheck is generated at the same exact point, there may be a way to catch it without recording a video. At that reboot point, you can attempt to F8 the boot process to see if the boot menu can open. I don't remember if it is available at this point. If it is, then you can select the option to disable automatic restart on system failure, then choose to load Windows normally. Then it won't reset when it crashes and you can see what the error is. If that isn't possible, then the only other way I can think of is to edit the offline registry to enable this. Again, this would have to happen after the first reboot but before it can boot off the hard disk, you'd need to boot into a liveCD, or pull the HD to make it available on another machine to edit its registry.


When offline, it CurrentControlSet is not used, I believe it would be the 1 option.

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