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Notepad3 v5.19.815.2595 (2019-05-15)

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Notepad3 v5.19.815.2595 (2019-08-15)


The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills!


Notepad3 is a fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting. It has a small memory footprint, but is powerful enough to handle most programming jobs.

Notepad3 has the following features: code folding, bracket matching, automatic indentation, word auto-completion, convert character encoding between various formats (ASCII, UTF-8, and UTF-16), newline format conversion (between DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), and Macintosh (CR) formats), multiple undo or redo, bookmarks, and regular expression-based find and replace.

Notepad3 offers syntax highlighting support for Apache, ASP, Assembly, AutoHotkey, AutoIt3, AviSynth, Awk, Bash, BAT, C, C++, C#, CSS, CMake, CoffeeScript, CGI, D, DIFF, Go, HTML, INF, INI, Inno Setup, Java, JavaScript, JSON, LaTeX, Lua, Makefiles, Markdown, MATLAB, Nim, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PowerShell, Python, REG, Resource, R-S-SPlus Statistics, Ruby, Rust, Shell, SQL, Tcl, TOML, VBScript, VHDL, VB, XHTML, XML, YAML and improved support for NFO ANSI.


Notepad3 changes and improves upon many of Notepad2 and Notepad2-mod's features. Read more


Download:      https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/notepad3/

Changelog:     https://github.com/rizonesoft/Notepad3/blob/master/Build/Changes.txt 



If you experience issues with our software or have some suggestions, report it on: GitHub here.


Changes in version 5.19.815.2595 (2019-08-15):



  • Add settings for allowed AutoComplete fill-up chars
  • Advanced TOML Lexer
  • Multiselect Edit Indicator
  • Color hover and picker (HTML color def only #RRGGBB, to call color-picker: Alt+MouseClick)



  • Encoding (Default) Settings dialog: use positive wording for all items
  • Sync Minipath Filter-Lines list with Notepad3 Lexers list
  • Use double-quotes as MRU list string limiter
  • Keep .ini backward compatibility for moved "Text Files" lexer (from "Default Text")
  • Update to Oniguruma (ONI) v.6.9.3
  • Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.2.0 (2019-Jul-5)
  • To force UTF-8 as preffered encoding: activate encoding detection failure fallback for default encoding
  • Allow Fixedsys font for GDI rendering
  • Color MarkOccurrences refactoring: use System's HighLight color as default (alpha:60)
  • Replace Onigmo by Oniguruma (ONI)
  • CED -> UCHARDET license and acknowledgement



  • Additional information on using copy version info button of About Dialog
  • Complete implementation of UTF-8-Sig MinPath.ini file handler
  • Use UTF-8-Sig for themes files
  • Use UTF-8-Sig for .ini-File Handler (Initial Version)
  • Multi-Selection with selection restore on undo
  • Bookmark margin click
  • Some multi-selection enhancements



  • Multiple checks for (invalid) operations on rectangular selection
  • Lexers with empty "associated filename ext" will be intialized with default extentions
  • Load set localized menu before displaying dialog
  • Manual entry for "Suppressed Messages" set as '-1' will hide checkbox for "Don't display again"
  • Issues regarding "no Notepad3.ini" file (defaults)
  • The checkbox "Don't show this DialogBox again" now remembers positive answers only
  • Message "Large File Warning" now default value for large files > 256MB
  • Send NewLine to sci control, if this id no AutoComplete fill-up char
  • Obsolete newline after .ini-file sections with comments
  • Enhanced Unicode detection
  • Oniguruma (ONI) allow CRLF as newline token
  • Notepad3.ini file, remove some keys with default values (styles)
  • Extended encoding detection debug information
  • Encoding detection failure fallback:  current code-page or default encoding on new (if fallback forced)
  • Multi-Selection while Mark-Occurrences of current word is active



  • Disable "NewLine" for AutoComplete fill-up
  • Remove (old) AHK Lexer in favour of modern AHK_L Lexer



  • Polish (pl-PL) Translation
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR) Translation (In progress)
  • Turkish (tr-TR) Translation (In progress)
Edited by hpwamr
Release of Notepad3 v5.19.815.2595

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We are looking for volunteers for our Notepad3 translation project in all languages, with a priority for the following languages:

  • Bulgarian (bg–BG)
  • Catalan (ca–ES)
  • Czech (cs–CZ)
  • Finnish (fi–FI)
  • Greek (el–GR)
  • Hindi (hi–IN)
  • Irish (ga–IE)
  • Norwegian (nb–NO)
  • Portuguese (pt–PT)
  • Spanish Latin America (es–MX)
  • Turkish (tr–TR)
  • Ukrainian (uk–UA)
  • Vietnamese (vi–VN)
  • etc …

Feel free to join our Notepad3 translation project at: https://github.com/rizonesoft/Notepad3/issues

Edited by hpwamr

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