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Notepad3 6.24.309.1 RC3


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Notepad3 6.24.309.1 RC3 (2024-03-09)


The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills!


Notepad3 tries to follow this principle, it’s a fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting. It has a small memory footprint, but is powerful enough to handle most programming jobs. Features include code folding, bracket matching, automatic indentation, word auto-completion, convert character encoding between various formats (ASCII, UTF-8, and UTF-16), newline format conversion (between DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), and Macintosh (CR) formats), multiple undo or redo, bookmarks, and regular expression-based find and replace.


Notepad3 changes and improves upon many of Notepad2 and Notepad2-mod's features.


Author's site:     https://www.rizonesoft.com/

Download:          https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/notepad3/

Changelog:       https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rizonesoft/Notepad3/master/Build/Changes.txt



If you experience issues with our software or have some suggestions,

report it on:       https://github.com/rizonesoft/Notepad3/issues


Changes in version 6.24.309.1 RC3 (2024-03-09):



At this time only the "Raw Change Log" is available on this address: 













  • Afrikaans (af-ZA).
  • Belarusian (be-BY).
  • Chinese Simplified (zh-CN).
  • Chinese Traditional (zh-TW).
  • Dutch (nl-NL).
  • English (en-GB).
  • French (fr-FR).
  • German (de-DE).
  • Greek (el-GR) (incomplete...)..
  • Hindi (hi-IN) (incomplete...).
  • Hungarian (hu-HU).
  • Indonesian (id-ID).
  • Italian (it-IT).
  • Japanese (ja-JP).
  • Korean (ko-KR).
  • Polish (pl-PL).
  • Portuguese (pt-PT).
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR).
  • Russian (ru-RU).
  • Slovak (sk-SK).
  • Spanish (es-ES).
  • Swedish (sv-SE).
  • Turkish (tr-TR).
  • Vietnamese (vi-VN) (incomplete...).


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We are looking for motivated volunteers for our Notepad3 translation project in all languages, with a priority for the following languages:

  • Bulgarian (bg–BG)
  • Catalan (ca–ES)
  • Czech (cs–CZ)
  • Finnish (fi–FI)
  • Greek (el–GR)
  • Hindi (hi–IN)
  • Irish (ga–IE)
  • Korean (ko-KR)
  • Norwegian (nb–NO)
  • Portuguese (pt–PT)
  • Slovak (sk-SK)
  • Spanish Latin America (es-LA)
  • Turkish (tr–TR)
  • Ukrainian (uk–UA)
  • Vietnamese (vi–VN)
  • etc …

Feel free to join our Notepad3 translation project at: https://github.com/rizonesoft/Notepad3/issues

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  • hpwamr changed the title to Notepad3 5.20.615.1 RC1 (2020-06-15)
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@hpwamr You should still attempt to make it unique in a way that competing editors don't offer (and something that is useful, not simply a modern-day gimmick). Simply being an alternative for the sakes of being an alternative leads to bitter competition and drama, normally, aside from usual lack of focus.

I dunno if NP++ can bind keyboard shortcuts Vim-style but maybe something like that would be a great idea for those who love terminal text editors... I'm guilty of hitting CTRL+O a lot due to excessive nano usage :P

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  • hpwamr changed the title to Notepad3 RC2

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