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Connecting smartphone to computer


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 I have a Galaxy S5 mini connected to this desktop computer (P4 , 2 GB ram) truough an USB cable.

At boot, Windows recognizes the device and tries to install it as a removable media player.

I do no want it as a media player, would like instead to install as a removable storage device,

so I could access any files stored in the phone.

How can I do this ?  I know that at least some smartphones can appear as removable storage,

but do not know how.

O/S of the computer is 32 bit Windows 7 Home.



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Old phones, yes.

New ones, no.

Thank the good guys developing Android for removing this useful feature, the good guys developing Windows for NOT providing drive letter/file access via MTP and the sheep common people for not having made a big fuss about it.

There are workarounds, and third party tools, though:





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