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Unsupported hardware in 1803 and 1809?


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On 2/11/2020 at 8:28 PM, erpdude8 said:

I was wondering Petr, if you still have that old MSI 915GM Speedster-FA4 device, can you try installing 32bit Win10 v1903 or v1909 on there? (using the ISO method - aka install any of those versions from a local usb flash drive or dvd disc).  this guy from this Ten forums thread was able to install 1903 on his old 2006 laptop that uses an old Pentium M cpu chip several months ago thru a 1903 ISO and it worked.

Unfortunately no success:


Installed from flash disk from windows environment, the flash disk itself is not bootable on this machine (invalid partition table).

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I've checked the tech specs of the MSI 915gm Speedster FA4 board here:
and these are some of the onboard devices featured on that board-

(Onboard LAN)
- 2 Marvell 88E8053 Gigabit Ethernet controllers

(Onboard Audio)
- Realtek ALC880 8-channel codec

(Onboard IEEE 1394)
- VIA VT6307 IEEE 1394 controller

maybe one or perhaps all of these devices may be preventing the Win10
upgrade to v1903/v1909 and should be deactivated/disabled in BIOS setup (attempting
to disable these devices in Win10 Device Manager does not count; disabling these onboard
devices in BIOS setup will make them "invisible" or non-existent to the Win10 OS).
Press the "F1" key to enter bios setup on bootup (which I learned from the board's
user manual)
There's a manual for MSI 915gm Speedster-FA4 (MS-9625) that I found from this
driverguide.com link:

in Bios setup from the Advanced / Integrated Peripherals / Onboard Device section
perhaps disable either Onboard LAN 1, LAN 2 or even BOTH of them
maybe also disable Onboard 1394 Device if you are not using any IEEE 1394 based hardware
and for Azalia/AC97 Audio Select, choose Disable if that option is available (though
you will have no sound).  Exit bios setup and save changes, reboot and retry the
Win10 v1903/1909 installation.

If upgrade to either 1903 or 1909 succeeds with any or all of those devices disabled,
re-enable each one in the bios and reboot until you find the device that caused the problem.

However, if the upgrade to either 1903 or 1909 still leads to failure even with any or all 3
onboard devices disabled in the BIOS, then the onboard 915gm graphics device may be the cause and
you have no other alternative than to install a 3rd party PCI or PCI-express (PCIe) video card (AGP based cards may not fit).
Somebody in this other forum several years ago who also owns an MSI 915gm Speedster-FA4 board
installed a Geforce 6800 PCIe graphics card on there [and has screenshots to prove it]
and the Geforce 6800 does have a WDDM capable video driver that can be used on Win10 though
such PCIe based Geforce 6800 cards are nearly hard to find lately

don't give up Petr

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I have a partition with 1709 updated to Dic 2017 and all is working fine, updates service is disabled and metered connection selected just in case, to aboid updates.



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