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Windows IPSec Firewall Rules


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Lately I've been playing with Windows IPSec Firewall and I like it a lot. I try to avoid installing a bunch of unnecessary bloat. I gathered a bunch of rules from the internet and made it close to my iptables ruleset from Linux as possible. Seems to work pretty good except for a few caveats:

1. Can't get Kerberos to go in stealth mode

2. You have to manually add the ip range

3. Some rules have to be force from the cmd line or bat file.

Other than that, its my new Firewall for WinXP.

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On 10/25/2018 at 11:06 PM, Dibya said:

Do you mind sharing your rules?

I'm still testing but will share soon. I'm trying to automate the task.

Can someone put all this in a batch script please?


1. Command - IPSECCMD.EXE export local FIREWALL.IPSEC.OLD

2. Command -

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



3. Command - IPSECCMD.EXE -w REG -p "Firewall" -r

4. Create shortcut from IP Security Policies on Local Computer snap-in with the name FIREWALL.MSC.


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9 hours ago, PROBLEMCHYLD said:

Like I said, I'm trying to automate the task at hand. I need a batch file that will create a Firewall directory in C:\Program Files and run the necessary commands and disable Windows Firewall in Security Center.


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1. Disable Windows Firewall and Security Center.
2. Create a folder in C:\Program Files\Firewall.
3. Run MMC from run-box in the Start Menu. Create a Snap-in from Microsoft Console Root with IP Security Monitor + IP Security Polices on Local Computer.
4. Name Snap-in IPSECCMD.MSC.
5. Place the Snap-in file C:\Program Files\Firewall and create a shortcut from it. Name it Windows Firewall.
6. Extract or copy FIREWALL.CAB contents to C:\Program Files\Firewall.
7. Edit IPSECCMD.BAT to your likes, then run it.
8. Run Windows Firewall shortcut and click IP Security Polices on Local Computer. Right-click to Assign the Policies. (Activate/Turn on).
9. Use IPSECCMD.HTA to monitor your network. Credit goes to http://www.ericphelps.com/scripting/samples/Netstat/index.html

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