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Greetings, all.  Lurker for years, finally decided to join so I could ask the occasional question.

Rather than yak on about myself [Boring!], allow me to talk about "stuff" instead.  And since this is a Tech Forum, here are two lists of things, mostly [but not all] Tech-related, that are either personal likes or dislikes.  You can probably tell more about me from these lists than anything else...

;begin wacky list

Stuff I Like:

NT 5
AutoCAD before 2010
Western Electric
Vern Buerg's "List"
Bell System Practices
HP RPN Calculators
Wordstar Professional 4.0
Open Wire
Air-Gapping and Physical Security
The PSTN on a real SDH Backbone [RIP]
Personal Responsibility
Dark green or amber text on a truly black background
European TV

Stuff I Don't Like:

Windows 10
Social Media
Subscription Software
Marketing clowns who expect a Pavlovian response to the word "Cloud"
AutoCAD after 2010
BIOS Buggery
Hype [Don't believe it!]
Crowds, and the Madness thereof
The Internet [It had its Day]
HTML, Scripts, Beacons, etc. in email
Browser Software that allows Fingerprinting
The Tyranny of Sunk Costs
People who use Title Case Text way too much in Foolish Lists like this one

;end list

The owners of this forum are probably reading this list right now and thinking "Oh no, is THIS the demographic we are attracting now?  This guy is a dinosaur!!!"  Fear not, I'm sure that I am just an aberration. :D

Please refrain from drinking the Kool-Aid.

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2 hours ago, Tripredacus said:

We are wondering why blockchain is not in the list of stuff you don't like. :dubbio:


That would be a good thing, but since among the "likes" there are BOTH "NT 5" AND "HP RPN Calculators", this small omission is not a problem to join the club.

Anecdata, only a few weeks ago I have  (by a rather large  margin) outsped a young engineer (my HP 28C vs. his smartphone calculator).

The good news being that I am still fast enough, the bad ones being that I bought the  HP calculator some five years before :w00t::ph34r: the engineer was born and I wasn't even a kid anymore at the time.

Welcome, jimfromPA :).


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