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Problem Acronis backup fail


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I have a problem with Acronis backup. I restored Win7 but when booting stops at the loading screen (goes in a loop). Also I can not save the mbr on the disk. When I choose backup, it asks me to save the MB to another disk. But the MBR does not help to boot Win7?

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Please, describe which program settings did you use for the backup and where did you store the backup (another partition, internal/external HDD, cloud). I don't have personal experience with Acronis, but this kind of programs usually have separate 'system backup' mode that does everything automagically, it should use native Windows APIs to backup the files (including the ones in use) and recognize boot partition and system partition.

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6 minutes ago, Zollex said:

I solved. I had created a GPT partition and for that reason it did not work. Maybe it would work, but I do not know why it worked with the basic mbr.

Maybe the fact that the GPT scheme has not a "real" MBR, but rather a "protective" one with NO code and a single partition table entry spanning the whole disk might be the reason ... :dubbio:


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