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modernize ie 6?


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Old thread, but that IE6 thing I mentioned "appeared" on my xp x64 system. In a folder, in the root of the drive, called "Internet Explorer" (How appropriate). Upon running it:


Note how it says IE8.
Rendering-wise, it works like IE8. However it's a bit broken when you attempt to do something with the address bar.
I'd provide the set of files as ZIP but they are almost certainly barred from unauthorized distribution. Unless a moderator thinks differently.



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I think what you discovered are backups of the files replaced during an IE8 upgrade, which are there to facilitate the downgrade back to IE6 (or 7), if one wishes.

Nevertheless, I wonder if the old iexplore.exe can be modified to work more reliably with IE8's rendering engine?

I'm also curious now if this would work in Windows Vista or 7 (with IE9 and 11, respectively)? Probably not, but it's worth a try nevertheless!


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