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XP Suddenly corrupting thumb drive it's never had a problem with.

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16 hours ago, jaclaz said:

Problem is, if I try to download the file I get:

"Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt."

I'm probably doing something stupid, but I've tried various browsers, and different dates through the Wayback Machine, and always got the same failure.  So, what am I doing wrong?

Cheers and Regards

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The people in charge of the Web Archive made the (IMHO rather stupid) decision that the mere presence of a robots.txt file should prevent their archiving spider from downloading anything else in the directory containing the robots.txt file, or anything in all paths below it.

Nevermind that in many cases a robots.txt contains explicit permission for archiving - which many of the archived robots.txt files in the Web Archive do. What they should have done was code their spider to *read* the robots.txt files to see if they contained permission for archiving.

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I've made sure there's nothing on it I need to save and have used EaseUS to delete the partition and create a new, supposedly optimized for SSD, NTFS partition with no unallocated space before or after.

Write performance is absolutely horrible, was before. It gets a short initial burst of 13 MB/sec then drops to ZERO for a while, then jumps up and down between zero to 3~4 MB/sec. I've also tried using AOMEI, no difference. Using EaseUS on an 8gig Lexar (the model with the e-paper bargraph) I was able to get 10+ MB/sec write speeds. Using Windows own formatting it cut the write speeds to 6 MB/sec or less.

With the 64gig it doesn't seem to make any difference in write speed. Could be that Lexar just makes some real crap USB drives.

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8 hours ago, dencorso said:

Flash Drive Information ExtractorNo. You're doing nothing wrong. The link jaclaz gave y'all actually doesn't work anymore. :P
But this one sure still does! :D
And all other versions are still available through KB955704, of course!

Yep, my bad, didn't recheck and forgot to post the actual direct link. :(

There are seemingly 4 days in total on Wayback Machine:


but only the Feb 13 2013 and the August 1 2013 are good ones.


The speeds you report are "terrible", I still suspect that there is something "wrong" with the actual stick.

If you have time and will of course, it would be interesting if you could run on the stick all three of these utilities and post the results:

ChipGenius, Flash drive information extractor and Chipeasy:





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