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DllCompat: Vista+ API extensions in XP


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Hai guise,


This is an opensource project meant to make dll wrappers for Vista+ APIs in Windows XP, not unlike the old project AlkyForApplications.

Currently provided dlls are: advapi3x, kernel3x, msvcrx, opengl3x, powrprox, shell3x, vcruntime140, ws2_3x


Firstly, put dlls in your windows folder.

Next, your application will likely be NT6 app so you need to patch exe header with CFF Explorer, to allow it to run in XP. This patching is not needed for any dlls.


Currently, there is no fancy patcher or compatibility settings mode. You have to manually inspect your application exe and dlls it depends on with DependencyWalker.

Next, you take all exes and dlls with missing imports and import them into CFF Explorer. Go to Import Directory and replace bad dll import with our version.

Check edited exes/dlls against DependencyWalker again.

Contributions and reports are most welcome.

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