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Things Every Hacekr Once Knew


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Note to mods: I wasn't sure which board the topic best applies to, I won't feel offended if it needs moving somewhere else.


An article written by Eric S. Raymond, who, after further investigation, appears to be a major persona in Unix/ Open Source community. The thing speaks about the days of minicomputers, like PDP series, and provides reader with the most important facts about the times IT technology, that are now nearly forgotten - a workflow basics of an IT pro somewhen about 40 years ago. Topics covered include minicomputers hardware, foundations of their OSes and other protocols and technology used, early days of common networks (not necessarily internet) and stone age of computer game development. And, what's cool about it, the whole article is really well written and easy to read for anyone with communicative English and basic understanding of computers - no need to be an expert in geeky terminology from past days. I got so gripped that I've nearly forgotten to get out of work ;P

It might be a trip to old days for most experienced MSFN users, for me, and younger folk, it's emotional journey to the lost world form the past, lead by a great tutor.

I also recommend checking rest of his website - lots of interesting materials about different topics, mainly IT connected.

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