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Well, I know that MSFN is rather devoted to technical things, but we have a gamer's hangout, right? Since there are some topics where we can rather loosely comment IT news, I thought it might be a good idea to start topic where one can share a gaming news, or his impressions on some game/event without starting a new topic, hoping not to break any unwritten forum rule with it ;)

Or more, I don't think I'll need a new topic with everything like the one below...

Sony announced PlayStation 4 Pro might soon acquire boost mode - which means every PS4 game will run better on stronger hardware, not only the one especially prepared/patched by the devs for the consol's Pro version.


For me, devoted PC gamer for years, this is hilarius

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10 hours ago, Mcinwwl said:

But only for the ones with older firmware -> not connected to the internet for months.

With v4.05 having been released around Halloween - to a few people or to second-hand buyers it'll still be an option. That's about it really. I've still not found any reason to 'upgrade' from the PS3.

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