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Problem with Windows 10 Upgrading


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I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I downloaded and created the Windows 10 Pro iso and ran it. It keeps coming back with an incompatible program issue telling me to uninstall Norton Ghost 9. I do not have Norton Ghost 9 installed - I removed that a long time ago.

I downloaded the Norton Removal Tool that removes all Symantec products, and even went in to the registry to delete any references to Norton Ghost 9 there. I ran the upgrade installer again with the same error results.

The autorun.inf file contains the setting

open=Sources\SetupError.exe x64

Is there another switch setting to run this setuperror.exe program or the normal setup.exe file I see in the Sources directory that will ignore program compatibility checks so I can get the free upgrade to Windows 10 working?

Much thanks in advance. :)

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It's possible that Norton 9 left some ID data in one of the unused sectors preceding the 1st partition, but after the MBR, if it is a MBR partitioned disk... Symantec Ghost likes to do it to this day... Look at LBA62: if 0x7C0E and 0x7C0F are "gh", there you have it.

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