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Make PE for Windows 10?

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Win10PE is here http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=1336.0

My Settings (used for making Win10PE and similar for Win8.1SE)

Win10PE_SE_2016-04-08.zip from http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=1336.0
Download Win10_1511_2_English_x64.iso from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/techbench
After mounting ISO e.g. as ImDisk then Copy content of CD-drive to HD folder W10_1511_2_x64 (used in builder as Source dir)
You need once to use Utils > WimExtract to extract the wim files from sources in HD folder W10_1511_2_x64

In WinBuilder Add and Change Settings as follows:

Build CdDrive - X: - Y: Select Run ALL programs from RAM so that everything is in the wim file used for booting from USB

Components - MSVisual C++
From Yomi/AppY/HD Tasks in http://yomi.cwcodes.net/ use R-mouse to Save as 3 extra winbuilder scripts for
\Projects\Win10PESE\Apps\HD Tasks\Imaging\AOMEI_Backupper_Professional.Script
\Projects\Win10PESE\Apps\HD Tasks\Partition\AOMEI_Partition_Assistant_Professional.script
Apps Portable - Portable Search PStart - Uncheck Load at Startup (since launching manually is preferred)
Apps System Tools Windows Setup - WinNTSetup3 - Use my WinNTSetup files and add latest version

In Workbench generated files:
\Workbench\Common\Aomei Backupper\ABPro.exe
\Workbench\Common\Aomei Partition Assistant\PAssist_Pro.exe
Use Apps > System Tools > Windows Setup > WinNTSetup > Open Folder and then Add Downloaded Files and Run once WinNTSetup_x64.exe



Win8.1SE is here http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=774.0

It is very good and allows also to use TeamViewer

w81x64TV.png == w81x64TVC.png


UFD_FORMAT.exe and UEFI_MULTI.exe can be used to make FAT32 USB-Stick or MBR-FAT32 drive bootable with 10PE and 8.1SE wim files.


For BootMenuPolicy we use setting Legacy and for WinPE WIM we need LoadOptionsString with value DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

In AOMEI Backupper Professional it is needed for UEFI booting of GPT-disks  to use a Full System Backup and System Restore,
so that EFI + Windows partition can be Restored together, since Restore of only Windows partition C will give EFI Boot failure.

BOOTICE professional mode can be used to repair such boot failure by changing in EFI BCD the <UnknownDevice> BootPart to Windows Drive C:

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I was able to build WinPE10 64-bit with Win10PE_SE_2016-04-08.zip (Host OS and source DVD the same - Win10 enterprise LTSB 2015) but I don't like it - building the ISO - including solving the problems took me about 3 hours :unsure: :crazy: :thumbdown :

  • builder stops with an error: Wimgapi was not found


  • after searching for help on the internet for a long time, I found a solution: the file wimgapi.dll 64-bit is missing in Projects\Tools\Win10PESE\x64
  • very long build time - I don't know why it processes install.wim - wouldn't boot.wim alone be enough?

VMware UEFI64 test:

  • WinPE starts with error pecmd.exe


  • Firefox not start:


  • there are no interesting tools and the ISO image is 650MB ???

I know a simpler way to build a WinPEx64 ISO:

  • download boot.wim x64 from ADK
  • extract .cab file, rename filad61... to boot.wim
  • open source Win10 DVD x64 ISO in UltraISO
  • delete support folder and all files and subfolders in sources directory
  • copy downloaded boot.wim to sources directory
  • change label to win10pe_x64 and save ISO as new file e.g. win10pe_x64.iso

->> ISO image is ready in few minutes (instead of a few hours) and only has 246MB

Of course, you can edit the boot.wim with gimagex.exe or ISO with UltraISO file before and add your applications, e.g. Total Commander, BootICE etc. It's best to convert the WinPE.ISO to a bootable USB stick (e.g. using Rufus) and copy the portable applications to USB - as much as we want, fast and comfortably. There is no desktop, but you can easily run a GUI application using CMD or Total Commander:


Sorry, but WinPE is supposed to do the make job, not for look like candy :rolleyes:


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On 1/28/2016 at 12:00 PM, gotenks98 said:

Anyone have anything that can build something like Make PE but for Windows 10?

I have a very easy way to do it. Here's how.

1. Get a Windows 10 ISO and mount it.

2. Make a folder and call it a name. I will call it Windows 10 PE.

3. Copy the "boot" and "efi" folders and also copy bootmgr and bootmgr.efi.

4. Create a folder in the Windows 10 PE folder and call it "sources".

5. Copy "boot.wim" from sources in the Windows 10 ISO and paste it into the sources folder in the Windows 10 PE folder.

6. Download NTLite.

7. Click on Add > Image directory

8. Select your Windows 10 PE folder.

9. Right click on boot.wim and click Create ISO.

10. Save the ISO and burn it to a flash drive or a CD.


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