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AeroGlass 1.4.5 inactive window border problem at win 10 10240

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There is a problem with the new AeroGlass version 1.45 used to windows 10 (rtm 10240)


1. The inactive window border does not draw color, to a theme with borders. (To the previous 1.41 there was no such problem)


2. To this specific theme parameters I have set Opacity, Colorization Opacity, and Colorization color values equal with 0.


So it does not seem to have color as the visual style has not set values, so I suppose that the new version of Aeroglass 1.45 colorizes automatically the borders from the windows system, from the  Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Color and Appearance


but also to another theme that I have set Opacity=60  and Colorization Opacity=100 (for both active and inactive windows the result is same.


The inactive window borders do not draw= have not color as show on picture, just the title bar has






is there any solution for this please?


Thanks in advance.




ps 1.  I use windows rtm10 10240.


I have stop the  upgrade to 10586, by using this Free antispy tool for Windows 10  http://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10




ps 2. As I have saved my previous Aeroglass 1.41 version folder to a safe location[but not the installer],  I open taskmanager, kill aeroglass, then go to details kill dwm, then i copy/paste my files from the Aeroglass 1.41 to the current Aeroglass at C:\AeroGlass


Then restart, and here we are back to the previous version 1.41.


Now if you ask me why I have set to some of my themes to have t Opacity, Colorization Opacity, and Colorization color values equal with 0, the answer is that I want to have the taskbar taking color from the system but not the borders and the titlebars/borders of the windows.

And of course i can make with no color the taskbar if I wish by changing

the Saturation level to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Color and Appearance


Have a look of what I mean about colorfull taskbar but not color windows , using the previous version AeroGlass 1.41




So with the previous version 1.41 the borders appear according theme's values, to the 1.45 not. (As also the inactive window if I use a theme that enable color values it draws color to the borders> just loose 1 pixel not blur to the inactive window and a slight shadow at every side where the microsoft's aeros sides)


I could suggest if you leave a second choice of using the Aeroglass 1.41 for some users prefer, if you do not like to modify the 1.45.





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I dont think that upgrade has to do anything with Aeroglass, but thanks for reply.


I use before, and i still use the  Aeroglass   1.41  and it works as in the second screenshot.




I prefer return to native win 8.1 via usb [as i did clean install of 10, otherwise upgrade installation had problems], but I'will never upgrade to 10586.


Alternatively i will install windows 7 and stop this microsoft (enforce spy service) madness.


For my needs windows 10 is just the Taskview but this to an enforce spyware 'service' not 'os',  that user has accept sign to install.

And play my old microsoft cd version games (like Ages of empires III) without the need to buy them for a second time from steam, as to win 10 do not work unless i hack the system with win 8.1 dll's, for force work those. That's microsoft plug n'play and business and control policy. 

But that's off topic.


If Big Muscle decide to not change[=so to take the values from the visual style]  the current Aeroglass version 1.45,  or not give alternatively a link of  the previous 1.41,  I will still use this 1.41, until change os.




 I guess that a possibility that Big Muscle made the 1.45 version, has to do with the methods that users making enable the apply a 3rd party theme to 10586, so made this version to be compatible  but maybe i am wrong about, but anyway he made good works and users have to be grateful to him.



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Just briefly, because I didn't have much time to complete the changelog for 1.4.5 yet.


In pre-Win10, the theme settings "Colorization opacity" is respected. But in Win10, I ignore this settings completely now, because Win10 sometimes sends correct value and sometimes does not. So if you want to have old behaviour, you must modify ColorizationXXXXInactive settings manually.

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