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Free Software Foundation says "Microsoft's Software is Malware


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First let me tell you I am a Windows user since v3.11, second I don't use any version of Linux on my PC, but with recent info about privacy issues in Win10 I don't know how this is going to end.


Free Software Foundation article: "Microsoft's Software is Malware" is here: http://www.gnu.org/proprietary/malware-microsoft.en.html


I know they are using this to promote free software as Linux, but I think reading the full page and all links in it is someting we all shoud do and then make our own conclusions.


Best Regards

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it was always malware

but until w8 it could be controled

Until 2K, surely, up to XP probably, up to 7 maybe, definitely   NOT up to 8/8.1 (links in the above article):





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I'm glad I'm still on ME :-) As long as I can read the Drudge Report, check my Gmail (using plain html version) and read message boards/forums, and laugh at one-star reviews on Amazon, It's all fine and dandy. My nephew plays Commander Keen and Secret Agent (another Apogee classic) on this computer, so it's not an entire waste of electricity.

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