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What's on with Vista / vLite?


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Now that the Download link in the vLite forum leads to NTLite and that NTLite says Vista is not supported (but might work), iis there any official position on this? Shall I just try or are there known problems? Or is the suppression of the vLite download a mistake (nobody seems to have noticed over there)? Thanks.

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Hi Ponch,


vLite is not supported for years, nor Vista by Microsoft since April 10, 2012 (mainstream support).


NTLite was made from scratch, in another programming language, and during that I did not have the luxury to support obsolete OS versions, even though I would like to since it is similar.

However tool now requires Win7 to run, as I used newer Windows APIs.

I am not gonna test and support obsolete Windows for a handful of people while it takes the same time to test as Win7, 8.1 or 10 on each new build.

Also you can find vLite out there and use that.


I hope you understand.

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I understand and fully agree you won't spend time on it :yes: , I'm still confused since vLite is sort of "retired" (by yourself) that there is no clear statement whether NTLite does or does not (beside the fact there is no support) work on a Vista DVD (be it from a Win7 OS).

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Feel free to test it, I don't know what's confusing with I am not supporting (which includes testing it, not even curious).

NTLite supports Win7+, vLite should work for Vista, haven't tested that in years either.


Maybe I'm missing your point, are you saying please test it and give us a clear statement what works and what doesn't, with Vista?

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