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XP Mode - use nlite to install only post-SP3 updates?


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Today, Jan. 15, 2015, I installed XP Mode in my Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine - my first ever try at virtualization.


Is there a way to use nlite to install ONLY the XP updates after SP3 into my already-running XP Mode (and so that Windows Update in the XP Mode agrees that they have been installed and doesn't try to re-download them)? 


See http://xdot.tk/ as one source for those compiled updates, but how can I inject them into my already-running XP Mode?


See also http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=25


I'm a real noob at this, but I know you experts have the answer!



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Is there a way to use nlite to install ONLY the XP updates after SP3 into my already-running XP Mode

No. nLite creates an install CD. Now that your XP is installed and if you want to keep it, there is not much gain in using anything else than Windows Update.  Alternatively you could check http://www.wsusoffline.net, but for one system that is online, I don't see the point.

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Ponch - thanks for the lead - looks good.  Also, the site has a link to an Eli the Computer Guy youtube demo, so it's really clear.  Just started, so I don't know how well it will work, but seems solid.


If you have any tricks to using this better, please leave a note.


It's pulling the update files in now in the CMD window.  To save the full download (for example if I decide later to redo the entire XP Mode install from scratch if I screw it up this first time), I suppose I just need to save the wsusoffline921 folder somewhere, as it will all be in the "client" subfolder.


Will be interesting to see whether (when it installs the updates) it will sense that I already have SP3 and just start from there, and whether afterwards Windows Update will know that all the updates have in fact been installed.


After totally finished installing the updates, I will do the POS 2009 hack to bring those updates in as well (as I am doing on my old standalone XP machine).


Happy to receive suggestions from all.  This forum IS the right place!!

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To tie things together for glnz -



Ponch has put you on the easiest right track for an already-installed XP.


Alternative is to get the MS Key from the XP-Mode VHD's Registry, the I386 folder from the VHD, slip/create a CD Image (ISO) using nLite and -X- UDC Downloader (plus whatever AddOns), "hook" the CD.ISO file, format the VHD, then do a total reinstall. Yes, this *does* work as the OEMBIOS.xxx files (be sure you have the MS ones) and the MS key are all you need for the Win7 VM (the pseudo-BIOS indicates MS as the OEM).

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for example if I decide later to redo the entire XP Mode install from scratch if I screw it up this first time

... then again nLite might have been the better way. Just be clear about what you want to do. (I could quote myself: "I don't see the point").

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submix - very interesting. 


Is "the MS Key from the XP-Mode VHD's Registry" the same key that Belarc Advisor is showing me (with Belarc run INSIDE the XP Mode)?


What means "hook"?


There are four OEMBIOS.xxx files: .bin, .dat., .sig and .CAT.  (They forgot .dog.)  IF I were to do an nLite as you suggest, would I try to incorporate them into the nLite-created XP install CD?


By the way, Ponch's method has been working well and went pretty fast.  When it finished and I re-checked with Windows Update, it showed only 28 more updates - pretty good!  The only funny thing is that Ponch's method created a new user account that (a) I stopped using after the first few installs because the reboots required me to enter user and password (so continued in my user) and ( B) I will now have to delete.


But please think about my three questions - thanks!

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1 - Yes

2 - At bottom of running OS (in the VM) there's a button "Capture ISO Image" (e.g. filename "NLITEXP.ISO" stored on the Host OS).

3 - Those are the ones. I don't have that VHD on my HDD ATM, so I can't confirm if the I386 folder is there either (pretty sure it is). :(

You'll have to "collect" the four, save them on the Host (insurance) *and* somewhere on the XP.  nLite can only be run on the XP VM, not on Vista or above because it won't run properly. Wherever you store them, run a Command Prompt and switch to that folder and (for each file) run "makecab OEMBIOS.xxxx", where "xxxx" is the suffix. Those files will now be compressed and should be copied into the I386 (for nLite Source) folder. *COPY* the I386 folder somewhere else before you overlay/copy the "OEMBIOS.xx_" files to the *COPY* for nLite purposes. nLite can then proceed to integrate the -X- UDC downloads into a real nice "yourname.ISO" file that can be copied/moved to the Host OS for access via the Button. Fair to warn that you'll probably need to create three files.


Here's the "nLite XP Work Source" structure (example, all done on the XP-Mode):


C:\NLITEXP\I386  <-copy of the I386 that (hopefully) is found in the Running XP. Put compressed OEMBIOS.xx_ here after copied




Above 3 files can be made using Notepad. After saving them, RENAME to the above (required). Contents:

BE SURE that you press "Enter" after the above string to cause "CR/LF" character (cursor ate next line).

At this point, you can run nLite, pointing to that folder to integrate.


This is all up to you since you're already updating the current one. It *may* be convenient for you at a later date since MS seems to be yanking a lot of XP stuff to make it die (like the older OS's). I would recommend that you create a new VM+VPC to test the created ISO to be sure you're happy with it. (There's the point... ;) )




P.S. - remember, the -X- UDC doesn't contain Add-On Optionals (like .NET, Silverlight, MediaPlayer11, etc.) -or- POSReady stuff.

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OMAGAWD! Forget the nLite thingy!


I extracted the VHD, attached it to and cranked up a Full XP VM and the I386 folder is missing all sorts of files! The only other way to do it is to obtain an XP Pro (Pro *only*) CD, copy the contents, and swap the "OEMBIOS.xx_" files in. Slipstream (using nLite) Service Pack 3 in (if it's pre-SP3) along with the rest of the stuff.


Seems MS doesn't want you to do this. The only other way AFAICT (wayyyy too much trouble) is to collect all the "missing" stuff and put it all back. Appears to be all the "base required" files that are missing, only the "Optional" via "Add/Remove" are available. :crazy:


Sorry... :blushing:

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