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WUA Not Being Removed


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I have nLite setup to remove Windows Update. After running the WUA.exe file is still there.

In fact, if I run nLite again and select the modifed folder it shows Windows Update being active.

However if I follow through with the second run it does in fact remove it.


So why won't it remove it the first time, requiring me to run it twice?


Attached are the last session ini's. I renamed the as Phase 1 and Phase 2 to show the process.

Phase 1.ini

Phase 2.ini

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As far as I know, from watching nLite run, it first integrates the hot fixes - then it removes the components. Just like even though I have the various IE8, their components are removed per my selection of them.

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There's no such thing as WUA.EXE except in the UDC-created "WindowsUpdateAgent7.6.7600.256.cab", as Ponch stated.


If you don't want it, don't add it. It's not *truly* integrated, but it's *run*. Take a look at the INI file inside the CAB.


Here, I'll help you out.

[EditFile]I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram[AddProgram]WUA.exe /quiet /norestart /wuforce
See? It's not "integrated", per se, but run *after* everything else. It simply *updates* what's in the original I386 folder.


IOW, if you don't want WUA, don't put that CAB in the Hotfixes. When you *remove* WUA, it will be... *gone*.


HTH :crazy:

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