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Install WinXP on Acer Aspire 3810T-354G32N, always bluescreen or black

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There are two aspects on IDE vs. SATA.

ALL of them depend mainly on the BUS/controller and on the actual hard disk.

A "IDE" (actually ATA 133) has more or less the same speed as a SATA 1 (which tops at 150).

Both normally "saturate" the speed of a rotational hard disk, particularly on a laptop where usually disks are "not that fast", SATA 2 being faster will surely saturate the HD speed, SATA 3 in practice makes only sense for SSD's or maybe for very high end disks, like 15,000 RPM ones, very unlikely to be on a laptop.

BUT if the disk has NCQ, the SATA will become noticeably faster.




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