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New Unofficial Version - 1.6.5

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Thanks for your detailed reply jaclaz. Am I to understand that 7zip aims to replace UE to some extent? Should I stick with UE or 7z? I have grown 'attached' to UE due to it's simpliciity and the fact it works.


One question though, when extracting certain *.exe's, I often get files with no extension, or it may be no file name, can't remember which, but the name or ext is rsrc or something similar. Do you know why UE gives out these strange files instead of the actual program files? When I next come across it I'll post the exact name/ext to elucidate what is happening.


I've read several times the UE has never come across files it can't open/extract, but thta's not my experience. I think it's principally with Install Shield I had issues with, but there have been a few other filetypes that didn't work. I can't remember which as it was some time ago. Actually it was when I used the original and then LupoSuite's versions that I had this issue. Gora's has not once come up with this except when I tried looking for an Xbox360 emu. I tried two and both failed to extract and both were malware. Which probably explains it!


Anyway, thanks for your reply, very informative :thumbup


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Thanks for your detailed reply jaclaz. Am I to understand that 7zip aims to replace UE to some extent?

I don't think so, if you actually read what is written on it's title bar, it is aimed to be (besides a file archiver) a "File Manager".


If you set it in it's two pane mode, this will become even more evident.


If you are a "File Manager" (and you want to be a good File Manager ;)) you would want to manage the biggest amount of filetypes to the maximum extent possible, and particularly every kind of "files containing other files".


At the time UniExtract was born the amount of archives and SFX's supported by 7-zip was much smaller than today, and UniExtract aimed to support *all* archives, *all* SFX's and *all* installers.


If you prefer, UniExtract "overlapped" the extraction capabilities of 7-zip (actually using it for the more common archives), but since the capabilities of 7-zip expanded, so was the "overlapping" with UniExtract, and since some installers use a simple format similar to that of an archive or of an SFX, recent versions of 7-zip may support (sometimes "partially") them as a "side effect".


As you are well aware of, a number of installers need anyway a more "dedicated" program, so UniExtract (particularly in these updated versions) still has it's specific use and utility :yes:, what I reported is the way I personally use these tools and was not meant to imply that 7-zip was going to (or aims to) replace or "take over" Uni Extract, only a report on how I "shifted" from "let's run Uni Extract first thing" to "let's see if 7-zip can open it and if it fails let's run Uni Extract on it". 



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I never realised 7zip was planning on becoming a File Manager! If it does, as you say, want to be a good file manager by managing the largest amount of file types as possible, hopefully it may become a competitor for UE and eventually replace it someday?!


I personally have never come across many of the compressed file types often quoted in these and other programs. I use 7zip, very rarely, WinRar most and windows own zip for extraction only. UE is only ever used for extracting apps files to check portability and it has been invaluable. If it never gets updated again it would be a shame, but it's still good at what it does.


One last thing if you don't mind me taking up your time, I use Gora's version, which has so far proven the best, but seems to have stopped development. Would it be better to switch to the above version SevenOptimus is working on? Is it an advancement on Gora's? I think it is actually carried on from the original isn't it? As mentioned above it is getting confusing what with all these different versions about as to which is the better.


Than you for your time jaclaz



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Hello again,


Apologies for the long delay without any new version.


UniExtract 1.7 beta installer: http://sevenoptimus.zxq.net/uniextract17.doc RENAME .DOC TO .EXE!! my webhost doesn't allow .exe files to be uploaded.


Please provide any bug reports, etc.


Au3 source is also attached for anyone else who wants to contribute.


Changelog:  Added (basic) multiple file support;
          a message pops up stating "Would you like to extract another file?"

          actual batch processing of files is coming in 1.8; the GUI code is a little tricky to write
  Added support for modern SIT/SITX files (via The Unarchiver)
  Added support for DMG files (via 7-Zip)
  Added support for DAA disc images (via daa2iso and 7-Zip)
  Worked around 7-Zip bugs by having both 9.20 and 9.32 alpha
  Added support for PECompact executables (via Un2Pec)
  Added an Update Checker that runs at start
  Added an 'About' dialog;
          links to MSFN thread and Update Checker
  Updated ARJ to 3.20


Planned for 1.8:

(as above) batch processing of files

cascading context menu (I have to learn COM/ATL !!)

try to find a new extraction method for modern InstallShield CAB files (Unshield seems to work on some but not others)

Thinstall unpacker?




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Use Download Manager to get above link from Author's website. "Save As" even in Firefox fails just like IE sometimes does (truncated file). Must be the website. :unsure:


edit - If direct download, size should be EXACTLY "10,273,263 bytes".


FYI @anyone - you can use the "official" v1.65 that was released (see first post) and get the "noinst" one, then use it to "extract" the v1.7beta to get your own "noinst" (self-contained in the extracted {app} folder). Get and use Official 7-Zip (free) to extract the RAR file.


HTH :thumbup


edit2 @SevenOptimus - Errr, forcing an Online Check for Updates each time you execute? :no: Add that to your Preferences to deselect. Surely that's an easy code change?

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Updated to BETA 2.


DL: sevenoptimus.zxq.net/uniextract17.doc RENAME .doc to .exe - my webhost doesn't allow .EXE files to be uploaded!

AU3 source attached. Any more bug reports/suggestions would be appreciated.


A key change this release is that the Update Checker now actually works properly - AutoIt's InetGet function kept getting 403 forbidden errors so I switched to calling wget - not as elegant, but it now works.


Changelog (from BETA 1):

Updated 7-Zip to 9.34 alpha.

7-Zip 9.20 stable is used as a fallback if 9.34 fails.

Update Checker at startup can be disabled.

Update Checker didn't work  - now fixed !! (see above)

AU3 source was tidied up a bit.


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Hmmm... extraction for purpose of "noinst" (see previous post above) appears that the Package is "incomplete", e..g. where's the UNIEXTRACT.EXE file? Something wrong with the Installer Build? :unsure:


Try the "extract" on the old Beta package and then the New Beta2. Something odd going on.

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@All: A bug has been found with Beta2 above: AutoIt error in Update Checker. Bugfix release available: sevenoptimus.zxq.net/uniextract17.doc (RENAME .DOC TO .EXE: MY WEBHOST DOESN'T ALLOW .EXEs TO BE UPLOADED!)


@submix8c: Please try the new bugfix release in case it was just a temporary glitch/file transfer problem. If problems still occur, I'll investigate further and get back to you.


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Beta 3 is available. sevenoptimus.x10.mx/uniextract17.exe (I have switched webhost so no more renaming .doc->.exe)



Switched MHT Total Commander plugin to more modern MhtUnPack TC plugin.

Fixed some bugs in the Update Checker.

Fixed some bugs in the installer.

Added some missing DLLs.


Deadline for bug reports is tomorrow. After that 1.7 final will be released.

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Seems to be OK now (extracts properly). Weird Auto-Update on first execution. Would it be possible for it to -ASK- if you want an auto-update on first exeutution (maybe leave that empty in first install inside the INI and check for it as a "first run" test) -AND- if it "fails to connect" will it still run? Or should I turn off Network and give it a go (haven't test "not-connected")?


Other than above, will -not- have time to fully test. :( "Have grand-kids, must travel..."


:thumbup so far...

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