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  1. 1.8 may take a few months to arrive as there will be some pretty big functionality changes. Lower-risk changes and updates to supporting binaries may be backported to 1.7 as point releases during the development of 1.8. SevenOptimus.
  2. UniExtract 1.7 is released. DL: sevenoptimus.zxq.net/uniextract17.exe UniExtract.au3
  3. Updated to ask on first run. DL @ sevenoptimus.x10.mx/uniextract17.exe The program does still work if it can't check for updates. SevenOptimus. UniExtract.au3
  4. Beta 3 is available. sevenoptimus.x10.mx/uniextract17.exe (I have switched webhost so no more renaming .doc->.exe) Changelog: Switched MHT Total Commander plugin to more modern MhtUnPack TC plugin. Fixed some bugs in the Update Checker. Fixed some bugs in the installer. Added some missing DLLs. Deadline for bug reports is tomorrow. After that 1.7 final will be released.
  5. Hmm... it works for me. Can anyone else confirm this? Try just running innounp -x -m -a uniextract17.exe from a command prompt. That should help isolate whether the issue lies with innounp or UniExtract.
  6. @All: A bug has been found with Beta2 above: AutoIt error in Update Checker. Bugfix release available: sevenoptimus.zxq.net/uniextract17.doc (RENAME .DOC TO .EXE: MY WEBHOST DOESN'T ALLOW .EXEs TO BE UPLOADED!) @submix8c: Please try the new bugfix release in case it was just a temporary glitch/file transfer problem. If problems still occur, I'll investigate further and get back to you. UniExtract.au3
  7. Updated to BETA 2. DL: sevenoptimus.zxq.net/uniextract17.doc RENAME .doc to .exe - my webhost doesn't allow .EXE files to be uploaded! AU3 source attached. Any more bug reports/suggestions would be appreciated. A key change this release is that the Update Checker now actually works properly - AutoIt's InetGet function kept getting 403 forbidden errors so I switched to calling wget - not as elegant, but it now works. Changelog (from BETA 1): Updated 7-Zip to 9.34 alpha. 7-Zip 9.20 stable is used as a fallback if 9.34 fails. Update Checker at startup can be disabled. Update Checker didn't work - now fixed !! (see above) AU3 source was tidied up a bit. UniExtract.au3
  8. Hello again, Apologies for the long delay without any new version. UniExtract 1.7 beta installer: http://sevenoptimus.zxq.net/uniextract17.doc RENAME .DOC TO .EXE!! my webhost doesn't allow .exe files to be uploaded. Please provide any bug reports, etc. Au3 source is also attached for anyone else who wants to contribute. Changelog: Added (basic) multiple file support; a message pops up stating "Would you like to extract another file?" actual batch processing of files is coming in 1.8; the GUI code is a little tricky to write Added support for modern SIT/SITX files (via The Unarchiver) Added support for DMG files (via 7-Zip) Added support for DAA disc images (via daa2iso and 7-Zip) Worked around 7-Zip bugs by having both 9.20 and 9.32 alpha Added support for PECompact executables (via Un2Pec) Added an Update Checker that runs at start Added an 'About' dialog; links to MSFN thread and Update Checker Updated ARJ to 3.20 Planned for 1.8: (as above) batch processing of files cascading context menu (I have to learn COM/ATL !!) try to find a new extraction method for modern InstallShield CAB files (Unshield seems to work on some but not others) Thinstall unpacker? SevenOptimus UniExtract.au3
  9. @jaclaz: Yes, adding 9.20 as an alternate extractor was indeed what I meant by "I'll see if I can fix this in 1.7". If this proves to be an important issue then I might release an interim version (1.6.6?) with 9.20 added as well as a few other small additions such as PECompact support. @Yzowl: I like your suggestion. I was pretty set on UniExtractSE but NUniExtract does sound better. We'll see for the next release.
  10. @lantern: This appears to be a bug with 7-Zip 9.32 alpha as an earlier version, 7-Zip 9.20, works correctly. I'll see if I can fix this in 1.7.
  11. Hi jaclaz, OK sorry for any confusion. I like the sound of your original suggestion UniExtract SE more than SO but I'll think about this more and see if I can come up with anything better. As you said before Gora's version seems to just consist of minor changes and removal of old/16-bit applications. All: any bug reports/feature requests would be appreciated. SevenOptimus
  12. Hi again, @submix8c: I've had a look at the versions you linked to but they don't seem to provide the au3 source, so it's difficult to see what exactly has been changed. Whereas the source package for my version is publicly available (see first post). @jaclaz: Interesting suggestion. I'd rather not fork development in this way though, as my version is intended to be a direct continuation of what nitro322 started. Everyone: I'd appreciate any reports of bugs that you find, or any additional features that you would want. This version was intended just to add a few additional formats that have been useful to me, but for 1.7 I plan to add a cascading context menu using Windows 7's built-in support (sadly it won't work on Vista/XP since I can't afford MS Visual Studio to code the DLL that these versions of Windows require), support for PECompact files (seems to have been a popular request a few years ago), DMG extraction support (via dmg2iso, unless anyone can suggest something better?), a functional tray icon, auto-update notifications, and possibly multiple file support (though this will probably be quite basic in the initial release). Any other requests etc. would be appreciated. SevenOptimus
  13. Hi, Since nitro322 seems to be on hiatus for the time being, I have decided to upload my custom unofficial version of UniExtract, v1.6.5, which I have been using on a daily basis myself. Note that this is not an official release of the program but an unofficial interim build, which, whilst it has been tested pretty thoroughly, comes with no guarantee that it will function correctly on your system. I have updated the various supporting binaries, upgraded to the newest versions of AutoIt (for the program) and Inno Setup (for the installer), and added some new features. The changelog is below: Added ASProtect unpacking support (via CASPR) Added support for Inno Setup 1.x installers (via InnoExtract) Added support for more InstallShield CABs (via UnShield) Added back the MSI cmdTotal plugin Added LessMSI as an additional choice for MSI unpacking; seems to sometimes work better than MsiX Added support for more SIS files (via SISContents) Improved support for ZOO files; changed extractor to UnZoo (supports long filenames) Fixed extraction of .tar.gz archives; inner .tar file is now extracted automatically Added support for VHD files (Microsoft Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disks) Added support for Advanced Installer installer packages Improved support for NSIS installers; InstallExplorer is used for NSIS 1.xx and 7-Zip for 2.xx Added back support for some Microsoft hotfixes Fixed FEAD false detection for e.g. Firefox installer Improved support for InstallShield installers; added option of /extract_all switch (for InstallScript installers) added option of /a switch (for MSI-based installers) Updated AutoIt to Updated Inno Setup to 5.5.4 Updated 7-Zip to 9.32 alpha Updated ARC to 5.21p Updated CDIrip to 0.6.3 Updated cmdTotal to 2.02 Updated i6comp to 0.2 (newer despite version number) Updated innounp to 0.40 Updated lzop to 1.03 Changed outdated tee to wtee (by Point2) Updated trid to 2.10 Updated triddefs to 17/05/14 Updated UnRAR to 5.00 Updated UPX to 3.91 The source package is attached. The installer and binary packages are available below as they are too large to attach: INSTALLER: https://www.dropbox.com/s/81iba0o61o4tbb9/uniextract165.exe BINARY PACKAGE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftqxpp8iyyaxtgk/uniextract165_noinst.rar SevenOptimus uniextract165_source.rar

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