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Artheos network driver not working windows 8pese


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Qualcomm Atheros Drivers WHQL: http://www.touslesdrivers.com/index.php?v_page=23&v_code=40076
As for other drivers, use the driver integration plugin
For Win8 extract: 
athw8.cat, athw8.inf, athw8.sys in %GlobalTemplates%\Drivers_x86\
athw8x.cat, athw8x.inf, athw8x.sys in %GlobalTemplates%\Drivers_x64\


that folder dosent exist

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Use the Explorer button of the driver intergration plugin. It will create them.

what do you mean driver intergration plugin i dont even have it i dont think can u give me an installer link

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If you have an ISO without creating it from Win8pese project, it is that you downloaded something illegal (warez), elsewhere.

You do not get help here or by me, it is not a good start ;) 

It is better to create your own and customized Win8pese from the link above. 

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