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  1. easist way to get audio support in windows pe?
  2. i have an iso of that but why are you telling me about driver intergration how do you get it
  3. what do you mean driver intergration plugin i dont even have it i dont think can u give me an installer link
  4. In windows 8 pe se how can I get Artheos network wireless working Sorry about it being 4 posted my iPad is being stupid
  5. evidently dencorso's crystall ball needs to be completely overhauled as unlike mine (which needing some fine tuning could not see details as I was expecting) his one provides WRONG details. Yes , seemingly the one in the top left corner is a screw holding the hard disk in place. If you post the actual laptop model, possibly a better photo and disassembling instructions can be found. jaclaz i just did that and pulled it out now the laptops on and it isnt booting with clicking noises or slowly
  6. Here's a photo of the laptop needs the hard drive taken out do I remove the screw by the bit white thing that's the hard drive
  7. I got it booting from the usb but when i boot the usb it turns on the internal hard drive and I forgot to tell u it's about dead and it's interrupting the boot I wondered if I can modify windows pe to not turn on the internal hard drive at boot
  8. i have win8.1 pe se on a usb how can i change it to not acess the hard drive?
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