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XP EOL Post SP3 Updates Downloader (UDC) released @ xdot.tk


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Not quite that simple - take a look at the link to harkaz' topic. It "finds" them but some (?) get "blocked" because of the checks. They may install from MS (with "bit" set), but won't "integrate"/"install" -without- the "bit" set for it.


IOW, to Integrate/Install - without- bit set, the Installers -must- be altered, hence the "not included" in UDC. It would require a bit of Script Magic (like e.g. MU/WU creation).



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None of the updates released so far need any modding because they are all directly slipstreamable. This only becomes a problem if they need to run from the SVCPACK folder (aka, actually running the installer). rvkroots.exe runs from SVCPACK but the installer hasn't changed since it was first released for XP and Windows Server 2003 so this is an exception to the rule.

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Hmmm. haven't yet tried it - slipstreaming unaltered POSReady 2009 Update into XP via nLite. You're asserting that nLite ignores the requirements noted in the harkaz topic link? Just trying to get confirmation here without my doing it (if someone else already has).

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