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  1. I know but Is there any advantage in using the switch for 2 executable files ?
  2. @submix8c Hey man, I had the same problem and the fix worked perfectly . I just had a question about installing WUA with the /wuforce switch . My question is how do you do it ? lol I just clicked on the .exe and the 'Linked KB' and it worked so wanted to know if there was any advantage in using the switch ? I used to know how to do the switches when it came to installing updates but I don't remember any of it. Thanks.
  3. So does your UDC include all the new updates that I would be getting after the reg entry ?
  4. Hey -X-, from this thing you posted on your site - "The cats out of the bag. Softpedia published article about it so here goes. Get XP updates til 2019 w/ this reg file." Do I have to do something with this or do you already include it in your UDC ? Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady] "Installed"=dword:00000001 http://goo.gl/yYsRfE
  5. It's not even in my services. I uninstalled/reinstalled it and updated it,etc... Not in services. Wasn't in services on my windows 7 computer either.
  6. I use Microsoft security essentials because It doesn't tax my computer,like Avast and Kaspersky,even though it's not as good as them either. My question : Every time I boot up, the little security essentials icon in the taskbar is supposed to turn from red to green, indicating that it is on. Half the time that I boot up, it stays red and I open up the interface and it says click to start it but it doesn't really start it. (The button depresses and stays pressed in but doesn't do anything) Anyone else here know what I'm talking about. I run xp pro (32). Any suggestions would be great. EDIT: I don't know why this double posted in two separate threads,nothing on my part.
  7. -X-, fresh install, this update isn't showing up for me. (fyi)
  8. OK. Edit: -X-, fresh install, this update isn't showing up for me. (fyi)
  9. What about the MBSA 2.2 saying that your computer is more secure after you add everything ? (green as opposed to yellow or red)
  10. When you use MBSA 2.2 , you never get into the green zone unless you have it installed. (and all the updates that follow) I Wonder if that is why they added it.
  11. No problem. WU takes all night to install the new updates. It takes at least 8 hours just to get the updates from WU as it keeps searching and never stops . EDIT: Anyone have any ideas why that is,or how to fix it ?
  12. What does this mean,-X- ? If "KB2686509 will be proccesed by nLite but it will not be run. It's not needed on a clean source." Should I just leave out the update ?
  13. Hi nuhi, love your software man - props. Is there anyway you can code in the new update engine ? (just a thought)

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