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Infected Win 7 through showmypc attack

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Another thing, be careful when you go to restaurants and hand them your credit cards. One time I got my identity stolen doing this... didn't realize what was going on until I noticed little withdrawls and transfers, and mystery purchases on my credit card statement. I had to verify and prove that I didn't purchase the items! There is a standard procedure that banks go through when this happens. You're supposed to contact the businesses that you have allegedly purchased things from, contact them, get receipts, dates of purchase, etc etc. Basically, the onus, the responsibility to track this crap down will be on you! They don't care. If you present enough "evidence" to the bank to substantiate your claims of fraud, they can freeze that credit card, and then they give you some FBI forms to fill out and you get entered into some huge online theft database and you never hear squat again. Luckily, the amounts they stole, charged from me, wasn't any more than a 1,000 bucks.

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To original poster, here's a website you might find interesting:

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)


The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

^Keep this in mind, the next time they call you pretending to be from Microsoft, and report them :-)

Don't fall prey to a new scam targeting computer owners! Thieves are calling and pretending to be from Microsoft tech support. It's yet another way to try and steal your personal information. If you get a call claiming to be from Microsoft, or any other company, just hang up.

Scammers are popping up like weeds, and because they mostly operate from foreign countries, forget about catching them.

The story sounds believable.

"I didn't think anything about it," said Vanessa Lee. She experienced the scam herself.

She said it began with a phone call.

"Saying they were from Microsoft, what their name was, saying that they had been receiving a lot of error messages from my computer," Lee told us.

The person then told Lee she had a virus, but he could fix it. The scammer walked her through all sorts of trouble-shooting techniques, before asking her to link up to a legitimate site that would allow him to access her computer, and personal information. Then, he asked for even more.

"He said, 'What I need to do is purchase the extended warranty through us and it was only going to be $10 for 2 years or $15 for 3 years,'" she said.

She gave him her debit card number and stepped away from the computer only to notice minutes later, an open window - showing a wire transfer from her bank account to India.

"We're lucky I came back and looked at the computer to see what it was doing, or I wouldn't have known," Lee said.

She immediately contacted the wire transfer company and stopped it before money was stolen from her account.

These type of scam complaint calls have more than doubled.

"What people need to be made aware of is Microsoft and Norton are not going to call you and tell you you have a virus," said fraud specialist Beth Schell.

The Lee family learned a lesson.

"I'd like to tell him off, would you treat your grandmother that way?" Lee said.

Bogus calls seem to be in vogue right now, but scammers will operate by any means necessary to get your money. Their trickery could show up by email, instant messaging or regular mail.


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To LostInSpace2012 - WTH are you talking about? Fixing a PC or ranting and giving obvious information?

AGAIN, problem is SOLVED by a Reinstall! (Read the Etiquette/Rules about bumping post counts. :whistle: )

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