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Chrome on Me


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I got a PM and this is what he said.

Well it's been so long since I've made that video, that I forget what I did exactly, but I do remember what DLLs I used. I downloaded BlackWingCat's Chrometool for Windows 2000, and it came with a package of DLLs that are from Windows XP. Those are the DLLs I used. I also had to use an Offline installer because the online installer wouldn't even run. I also installed Unofficial Service Pack 2 for ME to make it more updated. And most importantly used KernelEx and set the compatibility mode to Windows 2000 SP4.
By the way, I saw your forum post about this on MSFN, and I didn't realize how many people still use Windows 9x today. If I were you, I'd consider moving to Windows 2000. It looks identical to Windows Me, and has a much wider range of compatibility (I even got Office 2007 to work on it) and it's tons more stable. The only problem is it has horrid DOS support, so if you have any legacy DOS games or anything of the sort, chances are Windows 2000 won't work with it. But, there's always Virtual PC 2004, so you could install ME into a VM or something.
Personally, I've had many problems with the 9x series of operating systems, they've always been quite crash happy and quite buggy, especially Windows Me. So that's one reason why I switched to Windows 2000 way back in the day, it was much more stable and had much better plug and play support than 9x as a whole. Also was supported much longer by Microsoft, until 2010 (though I was already on Windows Vista with SP2 by then).

This is very important if anyone wants to try this.

EDIT: I forgot to say he doesn't use me anymore. It was a virtual machine.

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If from day one they used Win9x-compatible tools, yes, it would have worked on Window 9x out-of-the-box. But it also would have been a much more difficult project to include all the features that are now built into later versions of the Windows OS and API.

I haven't looked at the source code, but they are either writing directly to the Windows NT API or to a framework with API requirements. Either way, changing to a Win9x-compatibile compiler now is not an option.

I haven't written a 16-bit Windows app in ages, but I still could. Trying to get it to have the look and feel of a "modern" 32-bit app would be a lot of work, however. Design choices usually involve trade-offs and difficult decisions. Using modern tools for new projects is completely understandable.

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WOW!! This is pretty awesome indeed. I wonder if Windows 98SE as well. As for internet browsing, it seems just about any web browser is slow on the 9x kernel. Dencorso said that he uses his Windows XP machine for internet browsing needs. I've tried Firefox, Pale Moon, and Opera and all of them are slow on 9x. Either which way though, this is pretty darn good. And anyone who asks why you'd want to use Chrome on Windows Me when you should 'upgrade Windows!!!' can be quiet. lol

Nicely said!

I have to use Windows 8 for some purposes, mainly streaming/viewing videos. However, I'm not going to upgrade Windows NT 4.0 anytime soon! Infact a few days ago there was a new release of Opera 12.17, which would run perfectly under NT 4.0 if I could find something to get rid of the lying "not a valid windows nt application" message. So MS can't bother us to upgrade to windows 8.1 or whatever Surface touchscreen PC they're promoting!

I may be able to get chrome to work on 98/ME if anyone is interested.

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Anything kernelex is going to run slower especially if one tries to run an MMX machine as opposed to MMX II.

windows 9x and 2000 only function on MMX even on MMX II cpu's..

gpu acceleration isn't easy to come by on legacy systems and theres no switch to turn on AGP texture acceleration

thus without driver signing gpu's crawl.

Next best thing to MMX II and AGP acceleration is memory caching and i mean system memory.

As time goes on the hurdles get steeper as people whom knew the way around it move on.

There is a place for nostalgia but nostalgia isn't really a forefront for marketing so if its going

to be something useful it will need to run on anything non dependently as to reach the forefront and

reach into the dead zones. 


Then it can bring together old and new be heralded for the environmental friendly impact running on unix linux and windows


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