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Licecap - useful screenshot to animated .gif recorder

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Yesterday I wanted to show to a developer the behaviour of a tool of his, so, to make a small "video" of how the program behaved I got Camstudio, which is seemingly a nice program, BUT that comes as a "online installer", with (optional) programs (adware), and that nice as it might be is a huge piece of bloat, the stupid 650 Kb installer downloaded and installed some 40 Mb or so.

Then I proceeded to record the behaviour of the program, just a few seconds of "screenshot video", which turned out as a .avi file some 262 Mb in size :w00t:.

Being the smart guy I am ;), I quickly fired up good ol' virtualdub :thumbup: and quickly converted the .avi to an animated .gif, which resulted in some 1 Mb file, perfectly clear and visible.

Problem solved. :yes:

Today I checked a bit around if there was a simpler solution, and found in no time the nice Licecap B) :


which plainly and simply and directly records screenshots to animated ,gif.

Don't be (too) fooled by the:

LICEcap v1.24 for Windows (12/29/13) (300kb installer)

the file \licecap124-install.exe opens allright with 7-zip and contains licecap.exe 145.484 bytes in size which works fine even if double clicked from within 7-zip. (the installer file also contains the source)

I tried replicating the same actions I had recorded yesterday and, including a "title screenshot" I obtained a similarly sized (actually a tidbit smaller) 1 Mb file, also perfectly clear and with the added bonus of highlighting with a circle mouse clicks.

The morals of the story are:

  1. small is beautiful, and small and fully portable is even better.
  2. you don't need a cannon to shoot a fly


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