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(fixed) KB2798897 comes again...

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I slipstreamed update packages of Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, listed in Mim0's website.

According to the site, KB2917500 replaces KB2798897.

I did KB2917500, but KB2798897 shows up at Windows Update.

Actually, Some days before, There's no more updates shows up at the WU site with almost same setup image.

I change another side of setup image, not security updates side.

What happens? There doesn't exist KB2798897 v2. Any ideas?

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Microsoft seems to have fixed the problem on their end. KB2798897 no longer appears to be necessary. :)

I just trying to remake image, and install on the virtual system. hmm, the result is...

Yeah, It's fixed!!!

Oh wow. I didn't realize this thread existed. I posted about it here. :blushing:

I just searched in this forum only. Anyway, Thank you. :)

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