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K-Meleon Browser Has Been Updated!

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I see a reference to a thread I started last Nov 2012 dealing with a newer version of K-Meleon has been brought back to life. Just for some more recent information ... I started a new thread dealing with K-Meleon under the Software Hangout forum on Nov 07, 2013.

Newer(Sort of) K-Meleon Browser Version Available


There are several newer versions discussed by rodocop, Dorian and JamesD. There are links and information there. JamesD came out with a newer KM version last July and I think with KernelEx installed that may work with Windows 98SE ... I have moved on to XP these days, so I can't be sure ... you may find it interesting reading and may want to experiment with the various versions. The JamesD version is K-Meleon 1.6.0 Beta 2.6 which he is using with Windows 7 (32-bit) and if you stay with those K-Meleon links that I provide you will see bugs and fixes are being worked on as I type this. Things are happening fast and a new or several new and better KM versions are down the road. They are not programmers but are putting their ideas and fixes together to come up with a better version.

I am very happy with the JamesD version and you have several skins to work with ... if you like the IE look then Klassic skin would be worth looking into ... easy to change under Preferences ... try all the skins ... more modern.

If you like the KM throbber then you can just stick with it ... if you would like a lighthouse throbber going around, then one was made for me back 2010 by disrupted ... he did a great job.

K-Meleon Lighthouse Throbber


There is a great cookie manager add on called Cookie Culler Plus at ...

K-Meleon Extensions Central



Privacy & Security enhanced privacy control

Feeds, Social & Blogging news & social-networking

Communication support for web services

Bookmarking & Archiving bookmark management & website archiving

Web Development web-developing & design

Network connection & protocol related

Enhancements advanced browser & site manipulation

Miscellaneous educational, entertainment, fun & games

Browser Plugins np plugins required by rich-content websites

K-Plugins special K-Meleon plugins

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When I moved from Windows 98SE to XP in 2012 I was also using KM 1.5.4 as my main (default) browser but since I also had KernelEx installed I was experimenting with the newer KM v1.6.0 version by JamesD. If memory serves me, I don't think KM v1.5.4 needed KernelEx installed to work but the newer JamesD version did ... I think. I continued to use KM v1.5.4 as my main browser with XP but about 5 months ago I made the JamesD version my default browser and took KM v1.5.4 off completely.

There is another thread in the Software Hangout called "web browsers" started on Nov 11, 2013 and I posted what browsers I currently have installed ... there was information on a browser I had never heard of called Qt Web and I decided to try it out.


K-Meleon usually works 99% of the time for me with all web sites (so far) but I have some older versions of Opera and Firefox and now Qt Web to fall back on ... if needed. I had newer versions of FF and Opera installed but in October decided to go back to older versions on both for awhile ... the older versions don't seem to be so bloated and seem to be faster, at least to me ... I am just experimenting for now ... I also use only "portable" versions.

Besides, I like that lighthouse throbber going around and can't figure out how to put it into Opera or Firefox ... KM is just so easy to configure to make it exactly to a person's liking and it's still a fast browser on my newer XP setup.


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K-Meleon 1.6 and 1.7 are good KernelEx browsers for dial-up, seeing as how they're portable and can easily be deleted without leaving junk behind in my Windows folder, but compared to verison 1.5.4 they're still a lot slower. And as for Opera, the turbo mode was useful in version 10.63, but it was changed drastically for the worse in Opera 11. I visited the Opera forum and asked them why version 10.63 compresses the images more than 11+, but it wasn't worth the moderator's time to answer my question, plus he didn't believe what I was saying. So it was a slap in my face. What, did he think I was lying? Anybody who wants to can see there's a huge difference between opera Turbo in version 10.63 and 11+. The older one really compressed the heck out of the graphics, and it was fast, the newer Turbo mode only compresses slightly. There isn't nearly as much speed gain. The only answer they felt like giving was "it's just a proxy server... there's no difference... they're the same. Yada Yada." Actually, there is a big difference. Opera Turbo on versions greater than 11 is basically worthless. I will look into this QT browser though, thank you.

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SourceForge is full of browser projects. Unfortunately, many of them are simply lame or straightforward advertising certain site/search engine/etc, not to mention most are written in .NET language, which means waste of resources or incompatible with 9x. I've tested a lot of them some time ago on my 98SE+KernelEx machine and couldn't find one to call acceptable or usable.

Here's some names: dplus, Internet Surfboard, Weltweitimnetz Browser, Sleipnir, Fast Browser.

I believe at this point we don't need a new browser, but a whole new Internet, free of useless additions that favor advertising, DRM and other limitations.

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Very cool links Drugwash, thank you! I'm trying Dplus right now and I like it. It's like an improved version of "Off by One" browser. I'm going to try those other ones next.

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