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Xp & SSD ?


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The drivers (if any) are for disk controller, not for the actual disks. So if your former disk is recognized, your SSD will be as well. How much percents speed you'll gain and in which parts of the daily use is a different question, I think you'll find a few threads about that here already.

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Some manufacturers provide suitable "TRIMming tools".

Intel, Samsung, Corsair for sure:


The one by Samsung is called SSD Magician.

Please understand how the TRIM command doesn't actually "do" anything, it simply points unused areas to the "garbage collector" (which is in the actual SSD firmware), so there is not in practice much difference between a "TRIM enabled OS" that "continuously" updates this "list" and a tool that "periodically" does the same.

Moreover, the part that actually does the work, the "garbage collector" has evolved in the meantime and some SSD's sport a "background garbage collector" that automatically/automagically scans the SSD in background and "finds itself" which data is to be reused/optimized.

Remember how the TRIM doesn't work, even in 7, on "non-single" SSD's (as an example on RAID setups), it is only logical that either motherboard manufacturers or SSD ones try to make the thingy as efficient as possible independently from the OS TRIM command availability.


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I'd love to get an SSD for my XP box, but I don't know how I'd go about setting it up for TRIM support. Has anyone ever tried?

Even without TRIM you'll probably not see any significant difference in normal daily use. I've had Samsung 470 for a few years now, and the drive was first used with Windows 2000, and now my friend's using it with Windows XP. I did some benchmarks after having used it for more than a year, and the results were exactly the same as the other ones available in the Internet for this drive, which means that no degradation took place.

Unless the drive is going to be used for video editing or similar things ran 24/7, I wouldn't really worry about it. And of course there's huge speed difference between any decent SSD and a mechanical HDD, no matter how fast the latter is. For me the difference is especially noticeable in "normal" tasks, like starting applications, running many tasks at the same time, browsing through thousands of files, etc. There's really no comparison. I had a chance to use Seagate Cheetah 15K.7 which is probably one of the fastest HDDs available, and the difference in such tasks was still huge.

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