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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]


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This goes throught the install process and copies over only the files that are needed

Your mst file tells office what files it needs and it askes for them. so this just copies those files therefore the files that are not going to be used arnt taking up space on the cd.

after you do this you can compress it more if you would like. It is all presonal preference.

you could do this by hand but it is a VERY time consuming process so i decided to write a little script to do this quickly. But i have only tested it for office XP.

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the errors said


Error 1309. Error reading file:

C:\office\PFiles\MSOffice\Office\BIDI32.DLL. Verify that the file

exists and that you can access it.

as far as i could see all the errors were in the PFiles direcotry

setup did not finish and terminated after the help file stated above... there was nor ignore button on that error just retry and cancel =-/

and attached is a massively long directory pic... it may mor may not help =-/

***note to self Paint is terrible at extremely long files... or maybe it was l_view...

anywho here is a READABLE file :rolleyes:

**************since we can only post one file per post I've put the log file that goes with this post up /\ one post of mine /\


also btw if you are lookin at my directory structure and thinking some folders are missing you would be correct... i have removed the IE5 folder (who uses IE5 anymore anyway? and the MSI folder (its built in to W2K and WxP =D) and the mst file is set not to do anything with IE5 also folders System95 and SystemNT have also been removed but I have run install on my comp and it was error free so hopefully that wont be a problem... just less junk on the cd :)

***attachment removed because it was useless

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The program you have goin is great Idea. The code that is used to execute the unattended install is similar to what was on page 1, and it works, I have tested it many a time with runonceEx. You are the guy who knows this though. but if it was wrong, would it work? (I can't post it at the moment, not at my computer)

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scrath what I said earlier about having to re-enter the cd-key and stuff... I finally cleared the folder (novel idea :) ) and tried again. it now skips that page but still errors on those file. I have copied the PFiles and Windows folders over and its currently happy at me (still installing) I'll edit this post when it finishes...

Also you MUST add a "\" to the end of the directorys or it errors (I know from expierence :rolleyes: )

Install finished without error after copying those two folders over... but alas those two folders are 350+ meg I'll post the error msg in the next reply

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@FlyorDIE: what i need is a screenie of the error box. that is where i pull the info from to copy the files. I noticed that you didnt include the trailing \ in the source directory. For exampl: N:\o2kD1Admin\

that could be the reason that the file copy didnt work. try it with that and if it dosent work could you try to get me that screenie.

ill try to fix the trailing slash thing later....

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heres the screen shot that I typed verbatim into an earler post :)

theres a million of em and initially i was pasting them into a pain doc when i reached 11 and decided to stop (actually I started messing up :rolleyes: )


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@FlyorDIE: What is supposed to happen is that the error messages are supposed to show up and the test program is supposed to grab the path to the file that is missing and copy it over and then hit retry. so you should see is cycling through the error messages. if that is not happening the program is not working properly.

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