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  1. I can't remember where I read it, but didn't Microsoft say that everything after SP2 will be slipstreamable. Maybe it was just patches.
  2. The sempron is a good one to go for, just remember that socket 754 is being scrubed so it won't be upgradable. For P4 don't go below 2.8Ghz. Its not worth it.
  3. As much as I like my gf, I learned my leason the first time...take it slow. Kids, as far as im consernd are a long way down the track. but then again im only 19, and you will prolly find that alot of ppl on these forums are young. I come here for knowledge, but it is somethin nice compared to computers all the time! Also: There are several options to the way life works: Those that say life is to breed and look after there children Those that are in it for themselves those that believe in another reason all together but I think it goes with what happens in ur personal life, don't ever rely on anothers personal feelings.
  4. Not a server, Its only cheap ram, and hates running at stock speed. I just can't afford to trade it in for something better at this stage. Oh by raid, I meant 2x160GB setup in stripe. But you know how this ppl like to rip you off. adds up to 298gb
  5. My own modded case, nothin special OS: Windows XP Pro SP2 RC2 Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ RAM: 1024 MB DDR 400 Hard drive: 160GB SATA RAID Free space: 50GB Video: Geforce FX 5600 Screen: 17" Compaq 1280x1024, Sony wega 29" on TV out Peripherals: Dual layer DVD-RAM, , Floppy drive, Wireless optical mouse, Wireless keyboard, Sony home thearter for sound. 5.1 (I think they are 150 watt channels)
  6. I got a samsung 160gig SATA drive. Runs very cool, fast. Beautiful
  7. Im sittin on a win 98, 2000, and 3 XP machines. I refuse to use 95 anymore.......
  8. The program you have goin is great Idea. The code that is used to execute the unattended install is similar to what was on page 1, and it works, I have tested it many a time with runonceEx. You are the guy who knows this though. but if it was wrong, would it work? (I can't post it at the moment, not at my computer)
  9. there you go, I tried it a few times and none of the vareations work, if its failing at line 0 then that means that its not starting one of the parts. i think there maybe a problem with it starting the unattended file, no the msi file. But then again, I know bugger all. I tried a setup.exe thats on the cd, (admin point doesn't have one) and it did the same thing office.log
  10. how are you? For me mate, it wouldn't even start. Its lookin for setuppls.exe, but my copy has pro11.msi, and it won't except the unattended script. here is the error: line 0 Run ($target1 & $exe& "transforms="&$target1&$mst) ;RUNS SETUP FILE error:Unable to execute the external program. Think you could fix it? I need to get this cd down 29 meg! Thats it, more would be good, could put more drivers on. When I compreess it it sits on 269meg so down to 200 would be nice Thanks
  11. Does it work with office 2k3? And to do so, do you first make the unattended install and then run the program? I think thats how you explained it. just checkin
  12. If i'm wrong please let me know, But isn't this site for information, sharing ideas and learning? I agree with devil, No one should be able to put down your ideas. But they should get to the point. 20 posts... Thats funny. Gosh your a brilliant guy. i love your stuff. And if you have anymore, I would apreciatte that as well. Same goes with anyone else with ideas or information. I've spent hours here, and most of it through goshes forms to learn more.
  13. Ghost


    poor poor ppl. You have outstanding machines, some 3 times mine and I can run halo very well without a jerk I can get it upto 1024x768 but the graphics card speed just cant cut it to well. i could bump up the speed, but im to lazy. My machin is 133x9 unlocked duron 256ddr2100 40gighdd and geforce 2 mx 400 @200mhz. Could take it up to 220 and the cpu can go up to 1286mhz befor it becomes unstable. but it offers nothing more then @ 1200 but enough of my life story. PIONT AND BRAG. Sorry don't get to do that often
  14. Thats somethin I'm workin on too! Wouldn't mind a step by step guide but tat would make it far to easy. I want to know, so I can get it to work with goshs reduced source. Make life a lot faster!
  15. Yeah gotta say the stuff youbought here was extremly good. You have to remember though that this is the net, and there will be those pricks that will go after you for a varity of reasons. I really do'nt see how leaving is really gonna help. You will find ppl harrass you everywhere you go. And the knowledge you posses is extreamly valuble. Man gotta say sooking ant gonna get you to far! Knowledge is to be shared or what is the point in learning

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