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  1. @maniaq you have to create an administrative access point first. run setup.exe /a
  2. yes, i know it has been a while. Finals this week then ill let you guys play with it. it is almost done except for a few little things.
  3. All this program does is take out what you do not want to install. Therefore you contol your own destiny. If 288mb isnt good enough for you leave something else out. Besides i think that 288 is much better than 600+ actuall if you dont install office there should not be a need to reformat. I dont know what to tell you about 7zip are you sure you used the highest compression? Other than that i dont really know how much smaller you can make it unless you take more out. Everybodys results are different. Dont go expecting the best results when you have an entirely different configuratio
  4. i checked your log files and i couldnt find any problems. what exactly is the error that you are getting and when do you get it. [edit] I must have missed all of the fun earlier oh well.... [/edit]
  5. hello everyone... i know it has been a while... Im cooking up something new, a bigger and better office shrink: Ability to create an Administrative Installation Point Slipstream service packs and other updates Obviously the ability to shrink office Hopefully ability to 7zip baised on Astalavista's guide I just started working on this, it is about 25% done. No promises yet but i want to try and eliminate the need to run shrink on a clean system (i.e.: virtual machine) and hopefully eliminate language problems. ill keep everybody posted with my progress...
  6. haha i dont know... but i know for sure that SimonSays managed to shrink the spanish version of office. He was the impetus for me to make a multilengual version of shrink.
  7. umm did you read the link that i gave you above?? That will tell you exactly how to install office after windows is installed. As for aim... did you try searching for your solution in the forums? I am sure somebody has repacked AIM before. Nobody is going to give you "exactly how you ask" but they can point you in the right direction to figure it out for youself. Search, read, and then ask questions. Dont come here expecting everybody to do it for you.
  8. yeah that is the right method.... i dont know why it is not working. are the error messages in english or spanish?
  9. i believe all of the settings for aim are stored in the registry. i have installed aim with all of my preferences preset unattended before. i would tell you the location but i dont know it off the top of my head. just search the registry for it. As far as office goes go here
  10. That is the command to use your unattended answer file to install office with.
  11. How about a multi-disk plug in... i still havent sprung for a DVD-R.
  12. i also removed the file that you said had a virus. it isnt necessicary and probably caused some confusion to people anyway. And if it did have a virus i have no idea how it got there.
  13. @puntoMX: if there is a setup error about parameters it should show up in one of the microsoft log files. there are three log files created when you run this. i dont know how there could be incorrect parameters. i know that SimonSays got this to work for the spanish version of office. so... send me your logs just for the hell of it.
  14. it appears the natives have gotten restless... First off it looks for the files in the destination directory for the files to copy inorder to ensure that the files were copied. if you looked at the source for the files, they are obviously going to be there. defeating the purpose. I assure you that the link on whatever page to the spanish shrink is not a virus. it contains very similar code to the one on the first page. i would recommend using the version on the first page because it has been tested for other languages and is known to work. This is correct and the recommend method.
  15. @C.RAZY: I checked out your error message. are you sure you sent me the log files from when the error occured. because that error message dosent not exsist within your log file. i also did some reshearch on the error message itself. it turns out that it is a result of a Terminal Server Error. The message means that "There are no shared communication devices." so it would see to me that you lost your connection midway through the shrinking process. my question to you is. you said that you had a problem even with a local source. i was wondering if it was the same error message or if
  16. @prathapml: Thanks for taking over in my absence. i concure with the above statements. Chances are that the language that you are trying to run is not supported by default. neither of you were very specific with your post so i have no way of knowing for sure.
  17. did you try running a search on that????? Shrink Office Source the same one that is in my sig
  18. go HERE That will work for office 2000, office 2k3 and office XP. This program is old and outdated.
  19. @alhaddar: i dont know what version you have, but i think it was one of the first. Download the new one and try that. There shouldnt be any problems what so ever with the english version. as far as the dutch version goes... still searching.
  20. Ok i think i figured out what is going on, but i dont have any way of testing it. So let me know @wghout: sorry if i came off as curt, u just caught me having a rough day at work. Let me know if this works for you. If not........back to the drawing board.
  21. that is exactly how the program works. It takes the missing file error and copies the file from the source to the target and moves to the next file.
  22. @wghout: This is not the same error as devilrunner is getting. And no it is not supposed to be pointed to the origional directory. It has worked for many before you i dont see how the code could be wrong now. Delete you shrink.ini file and run the program with out it. If you are trying to get another language to work. delete it and run without, then change only the language settings and rerun.
  23. 1.) Slipstream and make the MST file according to MSFN's instructions. XP O2k3 2.)Run Office Shrink(It is pretty self explanitory) @devilrunner: I dont know why it would do that. try running it again. The thing that dosent make sense to me is that the file on the error and the file on the log are different. If there was a problem copying they would be the same. Try copying G:\OFFICE2\FILES\PFILES\MSOFFICE\OFFICE11\MSAEXP30.DLL manually and rerunning office shirnk.
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