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Office Shrink Program


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Reduce Office XP Source

Ok here is the new and improved version of office shrink.

Maybe we could call it version 2.1 :)

i fixed a ton of bugs and made the process a little faster. :D

Again run this on a clean install of Windows.

slipstream and make the MST file according to MSFN's instructions.

It will go throught the office install process and copy every file that is needed. You will see it working.

You can set the option to allow office to actually install or to have it close after all of the source files are copied. I think it is pretty self explanitory but i could be wrong.

This will not work in other languages or Office 2k3! :rolleyes: For those try myOffice shrink

I just fixed some small bugs and added a silencer for the annoying exclamation sound.


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The amount that is shrinks depends on what you plan on installing. It takes your MST file and only copies over the files that are needed for install.

I got mine down to around 200MB, 190 to be exact.

I can fit office and windows on one CD

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@dint10: Everything but access is in there and i think i took out some of the office tools. Other than that it is pretty much a stock installation.

@abu ryan: Create an Administrative install and slipstream as necessicary. then create a mst file. Then download office shrink and run it. it will ask for the locations of the files. then sit back and watch it work. Follow the link on the first page. that will how to tell you how to do everything but execute the shrink program, which is pretty self explanitory.

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thanks for your answer i did all what you said and i get 112mb as the size but when after i finished ,i run the setup to make test

durining the installation it gave me erro which is can not find som files in the folder 1033 . by the way when i use my Office CD to install the office no problem for that ...

is the shrink program not get all or what is the reasone

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@abu ryan: Yes, Install windows on VMware or somethign without office or any other apps installed. Then run the shrink program.

That should produce a shrunken copy of office that can be installed unattended later.

I would then test that to see if it works.

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hi all

during the shrunken of the office xp .i found that some files and folder not comining with and during the installation it gave that some files cannot find as i told before ..

now if i use the command installation with unattended file it will install it but may the office it will not function ok....

is it right and what is the solution thanks a lot

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