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  1. wow! its amazing to see what kind of amazing projects keeping coming up on MSFN. keep it up guys! Natan, best of luck with your efforts man. Hope your project receives the support it deserves. I for one, am going to try it out as soon as im done with my exams. danish
  2. Very useful site

    hey man. great site. thanks for contributing. i think all newbies as well as the pros should check out this site. covers some useful stuff. cheers
  3. yeh. so thats not so bad. lets try this. int spaces,i; string name, myspaces; cout << "Enter name"; cin >> name; spaces=name.size() + 2; myspaces=""; myspaces.append("*\n"); i=0; while (i<spaces){ myspaces.append("\n"); i=i+1; // u can simply use i++ also } myspaces.append("*\n"); hows this for u?
  4. u want vertical spaces...thts very simple....just use the following modification to my code: myspaces.append("\n"); put this inside the loop and it should work fine. do lemme know if it worked and my offer for emailin me, or msn'ing me still stands cya
  5. hey man. im still not 100% clear on ur problem. but if im gettin it correctly then the following small program that i cooked up for u shud help. basically all this does is ask the user the number of spaces they want to print, and then prints tht many spaces in between some text. u can tweak it to ur suitability. however, if this ISNT wt u were looking for, then pls add me on msn, dtmunir@msn.com and maybe i can understand ur requirements better. cheers danish
  6. hmm...gamehead i can definitely help u with C++, but im not sure i get wt ure requirements are....im guessing ur making a simple loop program that will terminate, when the condition i<spaces has been exceeded. well for this u need 2 things: first of all u need to define spaces, and give it some value, somewhere in ur program, either via user input, or by assigning it some constant value at the start of the program. second, i dont see the point of the loop, unless the loop is giving some output relating to the number of times it has been run. maybe u shud try putting a " cout << i; " inside the loop. however if u post ur requirements for the program clearly, ill write the entire code for u. no fret. cya dm

    hey man. i checked out the website and what they are claiming is pretty cool? can u tell me what the real life performance improvement from this software is? and is there any way i can measure the before/after effects of this program? thx danish
  8. Recall email sent from hotmail

    many thx gameboy, for ur fast reply. cheers!! danish ps: if someone does figure out a way to hack their servers DO lemme know pls [ I doubt anyone would do that on here because it's against the rules... ]
  9. hey guys! this one is urgent. i have sent a business email from my hotmail account to a supplier who has an email address registered with their own domain service (the comapny is NACS in hong kong, and the email address is something@nacs.com). unfortunately, i have made a BIG mistake in tht email which i sent out in a hurry. now i know that due to the time difference b/w hong kong and pakistan, my emial is probably still unread, as it wud hav been received after office hours. what i need to know, is there ANY way possible ro recover, or recall, or delete tht email, so tht my supplier can not read it. i repeat, i hv sent it directly using my hotmail account, and to make matters worse i didnt even click on save a copy in my sent folder. however i did BCC it to myself (dont ask why, my dad and i share this work account, and hes so non-techy he cant handle the concept of a 'sent' folder, so for him all msgs must be BCC'd to the same address so he can keep track) thanks a mil danish
  10. im having a similar problem like rave, except not with the links. i dont remove the links. but a LOT of the registry entries i apply in cmdlines.txt which DEFINITELY worked when i had only SP1a slipstreamed, are now not working with SP2. one which i remember off the top of my head is the winzip registration entries. lots of others too. anyone had a similar problem? danish
  11. Difference between cmd and command

    wow. i didnt know that live and learn as they say
  12. Driverpack Sound - V5.03.1 & V5.03

    woah! stupid me. being intimidated by a large download file i hav broadband...when ami gonna learn thx downloaded started...
  13. Driverpack Sound - V5.03.1 & V5.03

    hmmmm noob quesion: can this be somehow used in unattend installation? if yes, then at wat stage must it be run? and how? cheers
  14. Extremely Lite XP

    try using nuhi's nlite tool. it reduces the xp source by removing all the components u want. i believe that u should be able to come down to a very good 400-500 mb at least, if not less. nlite is in the forums under unattend windows\ member contributed projects danish
  15. ooops...think i double posted tht